Our eyes play a vital role in our everyday life that is why it is important that we take good care of it. Sad to say not a lot of people put priority to the health of their eyes. Now that we are in the age of advanced technology, our eyes are probably one of the most overworked organs in the body given that a lot of us spend a lot of time on our gadgets, may it be for work or personal activities. In a study done back in 2017, results showed that Singaporeans spend more than 12 hours on gadgets each day. 

 If you want to preserve your eyes’ health until you grow old, then it is advisable that you schedule a visit to your chosen ophthalmologist as early as possible in order that your eyes can get examined for any diseases or conditions that can affect its function in the future. There are many reputable eye doctors all over Singapore, so how do you choose the right one for you? Here are some tips.

Ask for referrals. You may ask your GP for a list of ophthalmologists that they can recommend. You can also turn to family and friends who may have an eye doctor that they regularly visit. Once you have the list, look up the name of the doctor and see their credentials. Of course, you would want to choose a doctor that has years of experience not only in practicing medicine, but in doing surgeries as well. You should also consider an ophthalmologist that has subspecialties in ophthalmology. Visit the Asia Retina website to get to know more about their doctor.


When encountering an eye ailment, you’ll be wanting to look up an ophthalmologist in the Lion City. Ophthalmologists are qualified to remedy all types of eye problems, though they are critical or less so. Considering the exceedingly commonplace eye problems for example, myopia and astigmatism, to more deadly optical problems that left untreated, might possibly cause incurable vision loss, like cataracts. Set an appointment with your eye medical professional if you feel unsure about the condition of your visual ability. Detecting eye issues early can save not only your sight and quality of life, but additionally might also significantly lower treatment costs.

One common eye condition that plagues the aged is cataracts. At one point of time in life, almost everyone will get it. When cataracts start forming, your sight starts being clouded and sense of sight deteriorates. The permanent treatment for cataracts which requires surgery; 2 main methodologies for cataract surgical procedures in Singapore, normal or laser. Only a highly experienced ophthalmologist will be able to advise on that.

Nowadays, a major cause for individuals to pay a visit to an ophthalmologist is to acquire help for complicated retina defects which can only be treated by a surgical procedure. In such cases, many Singaporeans request for eye specialists in the private sector as they seek the most suitable ophthalmologist they can afford. Surgical procedures for epiretinal membrane and central serous chorioretinopathy, being a very complex surgery, will cost more than twenty thousand Singapore dollars. It is also important to be covered by comprehensive insurance for medical conditions. This enables you to claim the costs of the surgery from the insurance company.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are an extremely widespread ocular related condition that quite a lot of the elderly people within Singapore suffer from. More than 05 in every 100 of the elderly which are above the 70 years old are afflicted by a kind of cataracts. 

Warning symptoms of the growth of cataracts normally include having a very blurry vision in darkness and when in natural light. Patients might otherwise notice unclear sight in the weakly illuminated conditions, which will obstruct usually effortless tasks like driving a vehicle along the highways of Singapore extremely complicated and extremely hard. You might also become quite sensitive to brilliant lighting effects, which might possibly bring about pain. 

If perhaps you discover you’ve are growing cataracts, there is potentially a chance that you might have double vision. Double vision, alternatively referred to as diplopia, is a really dangerous problem that might have an impact on the depth judgement capability or ability to balance as well as your current eye and hand coordination. This would make doing easy tasks such as reading or even cooking hard or possibly risky. 

The sole means one would be able to remove cataracts is via undergoing an eye removal surgery. The two principal methods you can consider with regards to cataract removal surgical treatment is laser beam surgical procedure or incision surgical procedure. The cataracts are professionally taken out by an experienced doctor and when in certain cases many cases, a man made lens is provided to your eyes while you recover.

Post-op care is actually important and it is really proposed you industriously use antibiotic eye droplets for the upcoming couple of weeks to ensure your eyes & perspective are preserved. Cataract surgical treatment in Singapore could set you back just about anywhere in between $22,000 to $26,000.