Do you know the main lists of specialist doctors in Singapore?

ENT Specialists and Rhinoplasty

Otolaryngologists or ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists are known for treating conditions affecting the regions of the ear, nose, and throat, as well as some parts of the head and neck. Aside from this, ENT specialists may also practice surgery. A common surgical procedure that ENT doctors perform is Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty’s purpose is to improve two things: the appearance of the nose and its function as well. Altering the features of the nose to make it more aesthetically pleasing is called cosmetic rhinoplasty, while a surgery done to improve its ability to breathe is called functional rhinoplasty. 

The nose plays a vital role in enhancing and making our facial features look symmetrical. For some Asians, they may consider their nose as the weakest link among the facets of their face. Asian noses are known for having a flat nose bridge and a bulbous tip. There are now many ways to correct these “unflattering” characteristics of the nose. If you are looking for a more permanent way to achieve your desired nose, then cosmetic Rhinoplasty is the answer to your dilemma.

The nose that are flat and bulbous is not the only one that has problems. Some people with tall nose bridges, for example, also have challenges. Their nose may have a hump along the nose bridge, which makes it look unattractive. Tall noses are also a lot prone to injuries, especially when playing contact sports. Injury or trauma to the nose can result in a broken nose bridge that can lead to breathing difficulties. In case this happens, functional Rhinoplasty can be done to save your nose. 

Undergoing Rhinoplasty can change your life in a positive way. Just be sure your surgery is done by an ENT specialist that has credentials and years of success in performing cosmetic and functional Rhinoplasty.


When suffering from an eye condition, you’ll want to look up a specialist medical practitioner in the Garden City, Singapore. Ophthalmologists are able to cure all types of eye disorders, be they dangerous or less so. Considering the extraordinarily common eye conditions such as myopia and astigmatism, to optical ailments of a more precarious characteristic that left untreated, can possibly lead to irreversible loss of vision, like retinal detachment. Be sure to consult your ophthalmologist if you feel uncertain about the health of your eyes. Detecting eye issues early can salvage not only your vision but additionally can also greatly lower the costs of treatment.

The certainty of developing cataracts becomes greater with increasing age. When it occurs, your vision starts getting hazy and a sense of vision deteriorates. The permanent cure for cataracts, & that’ll involve surgical intervention. For cataract procedures in Singapore, that are 2 main kinds of cataract surgeries in Singapore, traditional or bladeless. Judgment on whether a patient is suitable for a chosen surgical procedure type can only be advised by highly experienced ophthalmologists.

Investigations have proven approximately 80 out of every 100 Singaporeans will need cataract surgery within their lives. Most prevalently, the trigger for the growth of cataracts is age, although injury or trauma to the eye from other surgery has also been known as reasons for the growth of cataracts too. If to develop without management, the cloudy lens present symptoms like hazy or blurred vision, increased sensitivity to bright light and diplopia. Presently, the only treatment to remedy cataracts permanently is via lens replacement surgery.

Diseases of the retina remain a top reason that people make a meeting with an eye specialist in sunny Singapore. Unfortunately, many retinal disorders such as epiretinal membranes do not pose conspicuous and easily noticeable inhibitions in everyday living. Should the symptoms manifest, a sizable portion of these individuals will require surgical treatment to recover the previous visual acuity. In the case where the retina is harmed by disease or trauma, it can lead to a radical decrease in visual ability and may even result in complete loss of vision. While retinal problems can be managed or even repaired with no invasive treatment during the initial phase, symptoms is possible to be tough to recognize until the ailment progresses further. In Singapore, surgery for retinal areas performed under a private eye specialist can generate a bill range in the mid-5-figure amounts. This amount luckily can be mitigated almost in its entirety in the case that you have private insurance for hospitalization scheme.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts currently are an immensely prevalent ocular-related ailment that a lot of the older people within Singapore suffer from. At least 85 in every 100 that comprise the population that is higher than the 70 yrs old suffer from some form of cataracts. 

Signs of the growth of cataracts include having really unclear eyesight in weak lighting and when in natural light. A person could alternatively notice halos during the night time, that will make normally effortless tasks for instance, driving a vehicle within the highways of Singapore incredibly problematic or not possible. You will in addition become exceptionally hypersensitive to flashing lighting, that could bring about pain.

If you are afflicted by cataracts, there’s a possibility that you just will have double vision. Double vision, otherwise called diplopia, is an exceedingly risky state that might change the distance perception and capacity to balance and your general hand-eye control. This would make engaging in small activities for instance, reading or exercise hard and possibly hazardous.

The singular way an individual would be able to resolve cataracts is via going through a cataract-removal removal treatment. The two primary options you can consider for cataract removal surgical procedure is laser beam surgical treatment or traditional surgical treatment. The affected lens of the eye are carefully removed by a skilled operating doctor and when it comes to a number of instances, an man made lens is given to your eyes as you recover. 

After care is in fact vital and it is really endorsed  you administer antibiotic eye droplets for the few weeks so as to make sure the eyes you have & vision are in fact preserved. Cataract surgical treatment within Singapore can set you back just about anywhere in between $18,500 to $25,000.