Singapore, famous for the great standard of medical, has a few key specialist doctors.

ENT Clinics

Otolaryngologists in our little red dot, Singapore, are also fully qualified surgeons. The specialists perform complex procedures for the areas involving ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat). Rarely, as the ENT regions include the facial regions to an extent, the surgery might introduce improvements to the patient’s facial appearance at the same time. A common example of a surgery which may cover both objectives concurrently is rhinoplastythat may be introduced for both cosmetic and medical needs.

Rhinoplasty or colloquially called a “nose job” is a popular procedure among a lot of men and women in Singapore. Do note that compared to fillers and thread lifts that do not require surgery, rhinoplasty is an invasive procedurebut the permanent effects from this procedure is still one of the reasons why patients prefer to have it.

While nose jobs are usually performed at a cosmetic surgeon’s clinic, an ENT specialist is also qualified and trained to perform rhinoplasty ( especially for cases that need reconstructive surgery for broken nose due to trauma or as treatment of breathing problems.

For the rhinoplasty procedure, it can be done in two ways: closed and open rhinoplasty.For simple cases, a closed rhinoplasty can be done where the surgeon makes incisions inside the nose to hide any scars. In more complex cases, open rhinoplasty is done where the surgeon makes a small incision on the underside of the nose between the nostrils to access the internal structures. The type of rhinoplasty procedure for each patient is usually influenced by:

  • What the patient wants
  • What needs to be changed from a surgeon’s perspective
  • What procedure is possible based on the patient’s nose and condition

For both open and closed rhinoplasty, patients should expect recovery time of about 2 to 3 weeks.During this time; patients are advised to stay away from heavy physical activities to avoid complications. The effects of rhinoplasty are permanent, and there is no need for follow-up procedures. If there are complications, call your doctor right away. 


When dealing with a disorder that affects the eye, you will want to seek an opinion from a specialist medical practitioner in our country, Singapore. Ophthalmologists are trained to investigate and cure a multitude of eye issues, big and small. Ranging from the greatly commonplace eye ailments for example, the abnormalities like myopia and astigmatism, to eye conditions of a more deadly nature that left untreated, might destroy your vision, like retinal detachment. Seek advice from your ophthalmologist if you notice atypical developments in your vision. Detecting eye issues early may salvage not only your sight, but additionally may also greatly reduce costs of treatment.

A prevalently encountered eye condition that afflicts Singapore’s aged crowd is cataracts. Nearly every individual will acquire cataracts. It is solely an issue of age. When cataracts manifest, your sense of sight gets clouded and sight is affected. The long lasting solution for cataracts & that’ll include surgical intervention. There are 2 main kinds of cataract surgeries in Singapore, normal or laser. Decisions on whether a patient is suitable for a requested surgical procedure type can only be decided by veteran ophthalmologists.

Studies have proven around 80 out of every 100 Singaporeans will require cataract surgery sometime during of their lives. The most common the cause of the formation of cataracts is old age, although injury or trauma to the lens in the eye from other surgery has also been attributed as source for the development of cataracts too. Left untreated, the clouded lens results in symptoms like hazy or blurred vision, increasing sensitivity to strong light and diplopia. At the moment, the only treatment to remove cataracts is via lens replacement surgery.

It is essential to go to your ophthalmologist often, particularly as you approach your silver years. A host of eye defects develop with age and most of the time, the more mature you currently are, the larger the likelihood for you to be afflicted by debilitating eye disorders. For a discussion through an Ophthalmologist in this little red dot, Singapore, expect to charge around $170-$200 for a consultation and much more than $5,200 if you opt to endure surgery.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts currently are an incredibly common vision-related disorder that most of the older people in Singapore suffer from. At least ninety percent of the population which are above the age of 60 have problems with a type of cataracts.

Signs and symptoms of cataracts include experiencing incredibly hazy eyesight when seeing in darkness and in sunlight. You may additionally observe bright lights or perhaps light rings at poorly lighted environments that should make usually effortless activities for example, traveling around within the highways of Singapore particularly problematic and extremely hard. You’ll in addition be exceptionally sensitive to bright or pulsating lighting effects that could trigger pain.

Whenever you have cataracts, there’s a risk that you are going to have dual vision. Double vision, normally generally known as diplopia, is a very unsafe situation that might alter the capacity to gauge depth as well as ability to balance and the entire hand-eye coordination. This makes working at simple duties such as reading or even toileting tricky and likely hazardous.

The primary method a person can remedy cataracts is by way of going through a cataract-removal surgery. The two major choices you’ve got with regards to cataract correction surgical procedures is laser beam surgical treatment or bladed surgical treatment. The cataracts are exactly eliminated by a trained operating doctor and in several circumstances; a synthetic lens is given to you while you recuperate.

Post-op care happens to be crucial and it’s highly suggested you diligently apply anti-microbial eye drops for the month in order to guarantee your freshly operated eyes as well as idea are in fact maintained. Cataract surgical treatment in Singapore can cost you anywhere you want to between $19,000 to $27,000.