Singapore is often been seen a country which is popular for being more traditional. Not long ago, having your features surgically improved was something that may attract snide comments. Trends in the last few years, however, show a robust and expanding cult of beauty obsessed women that see medical aesthetic therapeutics as part and parcel of bringing out the best in women. Part of the reason for the boom in this space is the development of medical tech. certain surgeries need only ten minutes to finish! The globalised commodity of convenience has most certainly landed on the beauty enhancements field – and patients are celebrating every inch of this.

Aesthetic Doctors

If you think that ageless beauty can only be achieved by finding and drinking from the fountain of youth, then you are definitely mistaken. For the record, the fountain of youth does not exist. So, your best bet in maintaining a youthful face is by visiting an aesthetic doctor.

Dr. Isaac Wong, an aesthetic doctor in Singapore, is one of the most experienced and highly skilled experts in the cosmetic field. Aesthetic doctors like him pour out their passion in helping women look beautiful no matter what age they are in. 

Being an aesthetic doctor is not an easy feat. After earning their university and medical school degree, they continue to harness their skills by undergoing trainings in specific aesthetic procedures to get certifications. This is true particularly for procedures that require the use of powerful equipments, such as laser and HIFU machines. Aside from this, sculpting a beautiful face also needs safe and effective techniques. These are things that aesthetic doctors cannot overlook as some products used for restoring younger looking skin have several side effects and can do more harm than good if placed in the hands of an inexperienced doctor. 

Aesthetic doctors can help women take charge of their skin by tackling signs of ageing and other unflattering skin conditions. If you have battled with acne breakouts or would like to be free from being haunted by remnants of acne in the form of scars, an aesthetic doctor can help you. Does your face make you look 10 times older because of fine lines, wrinkles, droopy cheeks and jowls? Ask an aesthetic doctor for the best treatment for that is tailor-fit for you. They offer a wide range of anti-skin ageing treatments, such as laser treatments, Botox and dermal fillers injections, as well as thread lifting. Be sure you only go to doctors that are licensed to avoid your skin from further suffering.  

Skin Treatments

Skinboosters are an effective method to treat your skin and give it the tightness and hydration patients seek. Skinboosters show their most evident outcomes when used on a girl’s skin, often resulting in a fresher image. A key characteristic of skinboosters process is that products such as Restylane are applied in a series of little jabs, causing it to be extremely painless. Skinboosters work their magic by injecting high Hyaluronic Acid (HA) content to greatly improve moisture in the dermis. After being injected in clinics, injectibles such as Teosyal absorb hydrating factors from within the tissues, bringing moisturisation to the treatment spot. The resulting effect is silky skin, vastly improved glow and youthful looking skin. Wrinkles are also lightened around the treated parts. For women that get extended bruising or itchiness, it should not be normal and you must need to return to your GP. You should expect to fork out $600-$900 for a 1 therapy session of skinbooster treatment.

Nose Thread lifts (HIKO)

The nose is said to be the focus and basis for how human beings perceive and identify one person from another. Having a well formed nose with a sharper bridge with a well defined nose tip can accentuate the rest of the face and make a woman seem more beautiful.

Sadly, what people define as a desirable nose has most of us at a less desirable disposition, with our thicker, less defined noses. The resulting outcome is that the eyes seem further apart and the face will appear wider. As a result of this, nose treatments have become extremely sought after by people who want to improve their appearance.

A well-known treatment to increase the height of the nose bridge is called the Nose Thread lift. During a nose threadlifting, Polydioxanone threads get inserted in through the nasal ridge and the doctor pushes it all the way to the nose bridge, thereby increasing its height and helping the nose obtain an aesthetic look. Deviated noses can also be fixed through this treatment. The special biocompatible threads help align the nose and push the bridge up for an instantly visible nose fix. Furthermore, the special threads trigger healing and the creation of natural collagen, bringing about a vibrant and attractive look. The threads are entirely biocompatible and survive approximately 6-9 months.

Zero recovery period is recommended for this treatment. You are going to be able to resume right directly to work right after this procedure as well as go about your everyday activities like you’d normally. Unwanted side effects included, you may observe just a little swelling within the anesthetic jab site. For females which might be still self conscious in relation to the bruising, easily deal with it with a few light makeup. Prices range from $900 to $1300 for just a nose thread lift.

Fat Freezing

Catapulted into popularity by the worldwide acclaimed Coolsculpt, fat freeze is a non-surgical substitute for the typical liposuction process for unwanted body fat removal The body fat tissue are their temperatures lowered and killed during this process.

Once the cells become dead, the remaining by products of damaged cells are eliminated through the entire body’s lymphatic processes. Fat freezing allows for localised body fat reduction due to the fact it focuses on precise areas on the human body. Once thought to be a rare and specialized treatment, it is presently commonplace and it is supplied by a number of cosmetic establishments found in Singapore.

Generally focused areas for excess fat freezing are usually areas which carry persistent extra fat that can be difficult to reduce or clear away despite diets which are healthy and also physical exercise attempts, for example the buttocks.

Estimated Price: $490-$750 per session. 

High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound (HIFU) Facelift

High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound face lifts employ ultrasound energy to heat up the levels of pores and skin under the surface, stimulating collagen generation in the various tiers of skin. As HIFU facelifts help customers get tighter skin in addition to drastically lessen the appearance of facial lines, its primary consequence is actually tightening.

As the HIFU facelift treatment doesn’t include just about any cutting treatments, it signifies that there is absolutely no chances of contamination or perhaps scar tissue formation that will commonly accompany surgical techniques. Moreover, there is beside zero downtime involved. You are able to choose to go about your day just like you normally would. Cost: from $250 a treatment