Many of us suffer from back pain at some point. If you live an active lifestyle and work out frequently, you may be used to muscle aches and pains, and even the odd pull or strain. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of your time sat at a desk or slumped on the couch, aches, pains and stiffness might be a common part of your life.

Typically, these aches and pains pass, and even more severe injuries like a pulled muscle will heal with rest and care. We take painkillers and try to stretch our muscles out, and things quickly begin to feel better. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, our pain is because our spines are out of alignment or have suffered more serious damage, in which case, you need to see a chiropractor. Here are some of the signs that you should keep an eye out for.

You’ve Had Sustained Backpain for More Than a Month

Typically, back pain comes and goes. If you’ve pulled a muscle or slept in an awkward position, your back will hurt if you move in a certain way, but perhaps not all of the time. It will also start to show signs of improvement within a few days. If you have had sustained pain or pain that keeps coming back for over a month, you should look for a chiropractor as soon as you can.  You should look for Chiropractors that has treated everyone from children to world-class athletes.

You’ve Tried Exercise

Yoga and other stretching exercises can help with back pain. Gentle stretching, and focusing on specific areas, while building strength can work well. If you’ve tried the best yoga poses for back pain, and they aren’t helping, get professional help.

Your Mattress is in Good Condition

A common cause of back pain is an old, lumpy or too soft mattress. If yours is even, in good condition, and less than eight years old, you can probably rule it out as a cause of your pain, which might mean it’s something more serious.

Your Range of Motion is Limited

Living with a mild ache might not be too bad, but living with a limited range of motion due to a poorly aligned spine or serious back injury can be life-limiting. If you can’t do the things that you usually would, head to a chiropractor for help.

You Have Related Pains

If your pain isn’t only in your back but is spreading into your legs or neck, or you have frequent headaches, then you should see someone.

The Soles of Your Shoes are Uneven

If your spine is misaligned, it won’t change on its own. A clear sign of a lack of alignment is at the bottom of your shoes. If one sole is more worn out than the other, it’s a sign that you are putting more pressure on one of your legs.

The Pain is Changing

If your pain started as a dull ache, but now includes sharp shooting pains, or a feeling of intense pressure, it’s probably not getting better, and you may need a helping hand.

Living with back pain can be tough. It can affect your quality and enjoyment of life and even other elements of your physical and mental health. So, see a chiropractor as soon as you can.