MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil is commonly extracted from coconut oil or palm kernel oil. Not only is MCT oil a very versatile oil that can be used in smoothies and shakes, soups, coffee, and salad dressings, and, not to mention, can be found in ready-to-eat foods and beverages such as milk; butter; and cheese, but it’s very nutritious.

Below are some of the many health benefits MCT oil has to offer.

Reduces Inflammation

These days, just about all of us have some sort of inflammation or will at some point in time. But thanks to MCT oil’s ability to reduce C-reactive protein (CRP), this oil has the power to reduce levels of inflammation, which in turn can help reduce one’s chances of developing heart disease.

Suppresses Appetite

Some foods help keep you full while others seem to keep you wanting to consume more and more. MCT oil, however, is one of those foods that will help fill you up. This means you might just consume fewer calories during meals, reduce the number of snacks you consume, and may even skip dessert altogether.

Aids Weight Loss

Although it contains coconut oil fatty acids, don’t let the word “fat” lead you to believe that MCT oil will, in turn, result in weight gain. In actuality, it can aid in weight loss. Remember that not all fats are the same! MCT oil offers a healthy source of fat that can help speed up and maintain one’s metabolism. Additional weight loss can come from the appetite suppression of MCT oil.

Increases Nutrient Absorption

For those who have difficulty absorbing nutrients and fats, you can count on MCT oil to help with just that. This way, with more of the things your organs need to work properly, you can reap the benefits of an all-around healthier body, inside and out.

  1. Boosts Energy

We could all use a little boost of energy every now and then. If you feel like you’re too tired to hit up the gym or lack endurance when it comes to moving your body, a little MCT oil added to your daily diet may help.

  1. Helps Cognition

Healthy fats are imperative for proper brain function, including MCT oil, which seems to have a connection with better mental clarity and better memory. And while it hasn’t been proven that it can prevent dementia, MCT oil might have short-term benefits for those with dementia.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is an all too common condition these days and so is pre-diabetes. While MCT oil won’t “cure” diabetes, what it can do is help reduce your blood sugar to a healthier level, and with better blood sugar, your risk of kidney and nerve damage, eye problems, skin issues, heart attacks, strokes, and heart disease will be lower.

Now that you’re aware of some of the many health benefits of MCT oil, you might be interested in trying it yourself. Conduct thorough research as you look for the best MCT oil that offers the most favorable quality and the best price within your budget. MCT oil from different companies can drastically vary!


When it comes to the state of your health, never settle for less. While you may have thought otherwise, healthy fats, which can be found in many different oils including MCT oil, are fantastic for health when consumed in moderation and can provide numerous health benefits to make us healthy and strong. Get your MCT oil on!