Maybe the name botulinum toxin doesn’t ring your bells, but you’ve all probably heard of Botox. These are two names of the same substance that has a wide application in aesthetic and corrective medicine. Also, it has recently been used for treating certain health conditions.

When you decide on this treatment, you should seek professionals to perform this intervention. Although the use of Botox is allowed in beauty and spa salons, you can’t trust everyone are. Check this page to get guidelines on how to find the best Botox clinics.

Aging Prevention

Botox is the best known and most used anti-wrinkle treatment. If you use it once in a while, it can give outstanding results in preventing the signs of aging. Still, you should know that aging is a completely natural thing and that you cannot fight it. But you can diminish the signs of age on your face.

Movements of muscles cause contraction, which leads to wrinkles formation. With the help of Botox, these contractions can be stopped, at least for a while. This substance blocks chemical signals and prevents muscle spasms during the injection effect.

This procedure leads to the removal of fine skin lines and the correction of deep wrinkles. These cuts usually appear on the forehead, around the mouth, and in the corners of the eyes. Once you solve them, your face will look more rested and fresh, resulting in a rejuvenating effect.

Fixing ‘Gummy Smile’

Botox has also found its application in dentistry. Dental experts apply it as a successful treatment of so-called ‘gummy smiles.’ This disorder represents a disrupted relationship between the teeth and gums. The gums are too visible, which spoils the smile.

Today, solving this aesthetic problem is a routine procedure. The therapy is completely adapted to the patient. When it’s possible, doctors will suggest Botox injections as one of the modern solutions. They will perform this therapy following the anatomy of your face and the gummy smile’s cause.

Botox injections are a suitable treatment for patients whose upper lip is raised too high while smiling. The reason for that is the low set of muscles that control the moving of lips. Botox tightens these muscles and lowers the upper lip line. In the best case, the effect will last six months, after which you have to repeat the procedure. Entrust your smile to experts to be sure everything is done according to standards.

Migraine Treatment

Migraines are types of severe headaches that can significantly disrupt your daily routine. If they become chronic, repeating migraines can reduce your quality of life. The good thing is that changing some habits and proper therapies can keep these headaches under control.

Besides medical therapy, experts also recommend preventive treatment with botulinum. This substance has a reliable composition that treats the causes of migraines. Doctors apply Botox therapy in the form of injections to dozens of spots on the head, neck, and forehead. Only experienced neurology specialists should perform these interventions.

Patients can feel relief already after the first treatment. Botox reduces the intensity and frequency of pain in patients suffering from acute migraines. Also, it provides people having chronic headaches with better sleep and focus.

Solution for Excessive Sweating

With healthy amounts of sweat, the organism eliminates toxins and regulates the temperature. But when the body starts expelling too much sweat, this can be a problem. Excessive sweating is very inconvenient for aesthetic reasons.

You’ll recognize this condition if your feet, head, hands, and armpits are wet all the time. That can cause a feeling of discomfort but also indicate a severe health problem. When sweating becomes unbearable, you can look for clinics doing Botox treatments. Scientists proved that botulinum blocks nerve signals from triggering sweat glands.

On the link below, see what can cause over-sweating:

It is crucial to point out that this therapy doesn’t cure hyperhidrosis. It eliminates excessive sweating for up to six months. After that, you can expect a gradual return of symptoms. So, it’s advisable to do this treatment twice a year to keep excessive sweating under control.

Botox treatments should only be done in checked clinics. Otherwise, there is a danger that amateurs will inject you with a fake or an overly diluted product. If that happens, you can’t expect the desired results, but you run the risk of serious side effects.