In a few months, your parents will both retire from their careers. While they are both excited for this milestone and you are all looking forward to spending more time together, you also want to ensure that your folks have the best quality of life possible.

To help your mom and dad enjoy their golden years and make a successful transition into retirement, consider the following:

Regular Relationships with Others

Like anyone, seniors need human interaction. If you live in the same town as your folks, you might set up a regular coffee or lunch date with them; if you are out of state, consider a weekly phone check in time. If your parents are savvy with their technology, texting and emailing is also a terrific way to stay in touch with you, regardless of how far apart you live. Beyond this, encourage your parents to spend time with their friends and neighbors and participate in neighborhood events. They might also enjoy joining a club or group of retirees who get together to socialize—this could include taking a class, exercising together or even traveling together.

Financial Security

Fortunately, older adults are living longer than ever. This means many seniors need their retirement savings to last longer. This can be a tough conversation to have with your parents, but open up a discussion about their finances. This could include offering to help manage bill pay or act as a confidant that can protect them from fraud. You might also ask them about their life insurance coverage, which can help give them peace of mind and protection if one were to pass unexpectedly. USAA offers coverage flexibility, which allows members to make updates to their policies as time goes on. This can help your parents rest assured that they will have a secure financial future for each other and their family.

A Safe Home

Falls are a leading cause of injury for older adults. To help reduce this risk and keep your mom and dad safe in their own home, work with your parents to remove as many fall hazards as possible. Encourage them to remove throw rugs and be sure that electrical cords do not stretch across areas where they walk.

Other fall hazards in the home include:

  • Poor lighting
  • Pets
  • Stairs and steps
  • Unstable furniture
  • Clutter

Talk to your parents about what areas of the home (interior and exterior) are or may become problematic for them. If they are amenable to the idea, you could treat them to some safety equipment for the bathrooms like grab bars by the toilet and in the tub, as well as a rubber non-slip mat. Other safety precautions are to ensure they have working smoke and CO2 detectors in the home and also encourage them to keep a cell phone or portable phone nearby at all times, so they can always call for help if needed.

Help Your Parents Have a Wonderful Retirement

Your parents have taken care of you for years; now it’s time to do the same for them. By being aware of what seniors need the most in order to have wonderful retirement years, you can take the steps necessary to bring up these important topics and help your mom and dad to have a safe home, fulfilling relationships with others and a solid financial future.