Heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest area caused by acid reflux – which is the medical term for acid that has escaped from the stomach and has travelled up the oesophagus. Anyone who has experienced heartburn will know that the symptoms are far from enjoyable. First, there is the unpleasant ‘on fire’ feeling inside your chest, as if spicy food is trapped between your throat and your stomach, causing a searing pain. Second, you may experience a range of disagreeable tastes in the mouth (acid is not known for its flavoursome after effects, but rather for its sour and bitter low notes topped off with metallic and acerbic high notes). Hiccups and coughing can follow, as can bad breath and a hoarse voice.

All in all, heartburn should be avoided if possible. Today, we’re going to look at some ways to avoid and appease heartburn, because the struggle is real. But first, certain news articles surrounding particular remedies for related conditions may catch your eye – speak to a Zantac lawyer if you have been affected.

Now, let’s get on with the show, and discover how to get rid of heartburn, starting with perhaps an unexpected pointer…

Wear loose clothing to release the pressure

Heartburn occurs where acid either leaks from the stomach due to physical reasons pertaining to weakened sphincter muscles, or because it is forced out by other factors. Where tight clothing is clenched around your waist and torso, you will be more susceptible to holding in your stomach in an effort not to give off any signs of having grown a paunch (or to put it another way, tight clothes leave little to the imagination, so you’ll want to ‘suck in your gut’ rather than show off your belly). This means that you will, in effect, squeeze your stomach, leading to heartburn. Choose less tight clothing to avoid the issue.

Posture (stand up straight)

Following on from the last point about wearing comfortable clothing, posture can also play a role in squeezing the acid out of the stomach. Sitting or standing straight is not only good for your back, but relieves any strain on your stomach, meaning reduced chances of developing heartburn, Also, not filling your stomach to maximum capacity at meal times will give you more room bend without forcing acid out of the stomach.

Night time heartburn

Many people report suffering from heartburn when trying to sleep. This is because when lying down, the torso is aligned with the stomach. Eating 3-4 hours before going to bed is one way to avoid most instances of experiencing heartburn in bed.

Over the counter medications are also available, but always speak to your pharmacist.