This boost in cannabis’s popularity also allowed the rise of the cannabis tourism business. As one might expect, the competition is spirited, and different recreational cannabis companies feel the need to outdo one another to get the customer’s attention. The idea came from California’s amazing winery tours, and the Cannabis industry wants the same thing. It would be very similar to a winery tour, complete with free tastes and experience of how the products are grown and made.

For people who love playing tour guides and have a love for cannabis, getting into the tourism industry for cannabis is a no brainer move. As legislation pushed a lot more areas into having legal business transactions with cannabis, so too does the push for the campaign to let more people know of its availability. What began as a move to legalize recreational weed and medical dispensaries in the states, is now a worldwide effort. Whole countries have legalized its use, especially in the medical field.

With this, the budding industry has experienced an influx of businesses in Marijuana tourism. The experience can take anywhere from shopping at high tech weed dispensaries, the first-hand experience on cultivating and planting, and trying out the product themselves. For some enterprising and adventurous businessmen, tours can include buses, limos, and boat cruises. These tours can help first time users make that informed decision to go and try it out for themselves.

Enjoying the ‘trip’

Cannabis-themed touring buses are quickly becoming the favorite in these experiences. For the more outgoing and adventurous, there is one company that fills their bus with subtle cannabis smoke while going around tourist destinations. However, this type of tour caters to the more experienced crowd. There are plenty of other tours, though, focusing on really making the product known and understandably focus more on the production, manufacturing processes, and the benefits of using cannabis.

Besides leisurely bus tours, some tours visit dispensaries and those that will allow visitors to experience various products. For this tour, it is good to know which dispensaries are open late. The tours include incredibly knowledgeable tour guides, ready to answer and explain any questions the participants may have. Marijuana tourism is one of the newest industries in cities, and it is still very much a young process.

Some tours take you to a cultivation facility where you can see what goes on behind the scenes of growing cannabis. These tours will also give you an overview of the extraction process and how the products are developed for the consumers. Additionally, there are also those activities that are infused with cannabis products such as painting sessions, cooking with cannabis, and chilling out at Marijuana pub lounges.

Cannabis in Southern California

In California, it is legal for anyone to buy up to 28 grams of Marijuana and up to 8 ounces of concentrated cannabis oil per day. You can carry these and share them but use them only in private residences and never in public. These are the rules by which a California resident will have to follow if they want to partake in cannabis goodness. Keeping actual plants is also allowed; six plants are allowed and, of course, subject to your property rules, especially in apartments or condos.

The new legislation in California does not allow smoking or vaping in public places. As far as carrying it, it will have to be in a sealed container and carried in the trunk of your car as you cannot transport it in the cab of any car. Another thing you cannot do in this state is to smoke or vape inside a vehicle. It’s important to remember only to buy what you can consume during your stay in California.

Wrapping it up

Marijuana is changing people’s lives with medical conditions that are sometimes out of reach for conventional medicines. Dispensaries and farms provide jobs to people previously left out of traditional job opportunities. These are but some of the positive things that come out of this new industry. Cannabis is, no doubt, a substance that can be abused and is no different than tobacco or alcohol. Whether you are using it for recreation or a medical condition, arming yourself with knowledge is key to using it safely. Regulations are in place to safeguard the interests of yourself and the people around you, and it is always a good idea to follow them.