Botox is an exciting product that would let you live out your better years looking your best. Sure, there is a lot of stigma attached to the product. Even I had my qualms before undergoing Botox in Alpharetta. But, I steeled my nerves, headed to my dermatologist’s clinic and let her work her magic.

In this article, I am going to share my own personal experience. You may still be on the fence and want a bit more information about the treatment. Let me tell you the things I wish I knew before getting Botox.

Botox Alpharetta Will Deal With Wrinkles But Not In the Way You Think

Botox treatment is not a restorative process. These were one of the first few words that we exchanged with my dermatologist as soon as I brought it up. I went to the clinic worried that my wrinkles were making me look angry all the time. I would have loved to have known that Botox would have helped me better if I underwent the process earlier. Instead of an iron flattening out the wrinkles on my face, Botox treatment is actually more of a preventive measure. The earlier you start doing it, the more effective it gets.

So, if you are still wondering if and when you should undergo the treatment, my quick answer would be yes and yesterday. If you feel like your youthful appearance is worth protecting, then there really is no harm in investing your time and money in it. After all, who does not want to look pretty for just a little bit longer.

I was not completely happy that I would not be able to deal with the lines that I already have. But, worried about adding more depth and numbers to them made me go through with the procedure anyway. True enough, the Botox delivered on its promise and my manageable wrinkles stayed as they are.

Botox Alpharetta Will Need A Bit of Commitment

Another point of concern that I had before undergoing the treatment was if it was going to take up much of my time and how much I would have to regularly pay for. I was a bit disappointed to know that I would have to go back to my dermatologist’s clinic at least four times every year. I understood that this was the median number as some may even have to go there every three months. The reason they vary will depend on the physical activity of a person. I guess that makes sense since contortions of the face are the culprits of wrinkles and what more to disturb your appearance than using it all the time with hard activities.

The treatment is said to freeze your face. This is probably an apt description given that your face will indeed retain the look minus all the blemish. If you are going to undergo botox, consider how expressive you are. This will have a direct impact on how often you are to go back and have your injections.

Botox Alpharetta Will Hurt At First

Everything that involves needles scares the life out of me. As such, I really put this in consideration before deciding to go through with the treatment. I gathered my nerves and thought that if I survived my child’s birth then there really is no reason for me to wimp out on a simple procedure.

Of course, other than the actual pain of the needle burrowing through your face, there are other pains that will be associated with the treatment. As a younger woman, I always abhorred the thought of getting Botox. I felt like it was a vain thing to do and that I was not accepting how I should look at the age that I was in. It was like living a fake life. These are the pains that I had to deal with before I could go through. But, it did make it a bit easier for me when I finally accepted Botox for what it is – a cosmetic product. If I was going to wear makeup everyday, how would that be any different from putting one on that is a bit more permanent, and frankly, less expensive in the long run.

The procedure goes as most invasive procedures do. The ice pack over my head was supposed to be the anaesthetic to prevent me from feeling the pain of plenty of needles burrowing my face. For me, at least, the pain was tolerable. Although, it did linger for a while after the procedure which was supposed to be normal. A few more visits to the clinic, and all the pain was gone or at the very least, manageable.

Finally, as a word of advice, you may want to bring ear plugs or listen to loud music on your ear phones. The pain is not really too much but hearing the plucking and the cracking sound of the injection may not be for the faint of heart.

You Should Plan Ahead Before Botox Alpharetta

Like most invasive procedures, you really should plan it ahead. Especially if it is your first time, there really is no telling what unique side effects it will have on you. Most people often neglect the rest that their facial muscles need in order to take full advantage of the treatment.

I was not going to go out and party after my treatment, but if I had known one thing it was that a lot of activities would not be possible right after the treatment. For the next few hours, I was not allowed to exercise my face. What that really means is I needed to remain expressionless. It was not a terrible thing to do if I was to sleep, but having the procedure done in the morning when I have an engagement to attend to in the afternoon was the worst possible combination for me. I had to cancel all my plans and hope that I could catch up as soon as my resting period is over.