Every woman has experienced menstrual cramps. In some, the symptoms are not as pronounced, and in others, severe menstrual pain can lead to headaches, nausea, and fatigue. All these things can really spoil your day. Once survived, the problems return in four weeks. Don’t let that get you down, our tips against menstrual cramps can help.

Most women who suffer from menstrual cramps see pain as the worst symptom. So, many women rely on painkillers. Now you don’t want to stuff yourself with a paracetamol every day. Natural home remedies and new remedies can alleviate symptoms and have fewer side effects.

Get Appropriate Diet

A proper look at the diet can relieve menstrual cramps. Those who pay attention to a sufficient magnesium intake can alleviate the cramps. A magnesium deficiency, on the other hand, leads to stronger cramps. Nuts in particular are good sources of magnesium, but spinach, bananas, or raspberries also ensure a good supply of the mineral. Dairy products, on the other hand, should be avoided as they can increase the risk of cramps. Here you should also listen to your body yourself because every woman reacts differently to food intake. However, it is known that hot tea relaxes. Herbal teas or ginger warm from the inside and relieve the cramps.

Relaxation and Warmth

The traditional treatment for abdominal pain and cramps is warmth. The procedure is simple and effective so that probably every woman has already used warmth against the symptoms. It makes the most sense to use a cherry stone pillow or a hot water bottle, either directly on the stomach or on the lower back. An extended bath helps to experience additional relaxation. Some women treat themselves to a dash of essential oil. The vapors of lavender or the like intensify the relaxing effect of the warm bathwater. Unfortunately, the problems do not only occur at home but also do not stop at working women. Those who experience relief from the heat can pack natural-based warming balms on the go to counter the cramps.

Ease Pain with CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is obtained from the hemp plant and has positive health effects. However, there is no psychoactive effect like THC. The positive effects of CBD oil, which can help with menstrual cramps, lie in the pain-relieving, and relaxing effects. Many people continue to wonder is it legal to use CBD oil. Many countries and several states in the US have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis and that is because of CBD. In Canada, there are online and brick-and-mortar dispensaries like mjnexpress where cannabis products can be bought including CBD oil. It is helpful in cramps as well as it rarely has side effects; this may include fatigue or loss of appetite. The natural extract is also used, for example, by people with sleep problems or under stress. The calming effect can thus contribute to a general improvement in well-being, even beyond the relief of menstrual cramps.

Gentle Exercises Helps Blood Circulation

Sport is an ideal partner when it comes to combating menstrual pain. The pain is caused by poor circulation and cramping of the uterine muscles. Exercise stimulates the blood circulation and thus alleviates the symptoms. Light jogging is very suitable for this. The whole body is better supplied with blood, which also has a positive effect on the uterus. At the same time, the mood improves as a result of sporting activity because happiness hormones are released.

You can promote blood circulation in the lower abdomen with exercises with strained legs. Anyone who has very severe pain and is completely prevented from exercising by nausea etc. can use breathing exercises to alleviate the symptoms.