Cars are a wonderful creation of modern science and technology because they have made our lives incredibly convenient in terms of travelling from one place to another. But, this invention has brought some challenges as well because many people lose their lives every year on the road.

In the past few decades, the number of car accidents has spiked considerably, which implies that people are getting more reckless with every passing year. Despite knowing about the various car injury risks and the ways they can be minimized, drivers are still mostly adamant on continuing with their old reckless habits. Therefore, we have discussed here five tips that must be followed to protect yourself from car accidents, with the hope that you will incorporate these tips into your driving.

  1. Stay away from the blind spots of truck drivers:

Truck drivers cause a considerable number of road accidents because they end up hitting vehicles which happen to enter their blind spots. Therefore, stay away from the blind spots of the truck drivers and notify them via horn or dipper if you intend to approach them from one of these spots. Many truck accidents are caused on the way to Las Vegas, and if you are taking the route, then staying away from their blind spots will help a great deal in avoiding truck wrecks in Las Vegas.

  1. Avoid buzzed driving:

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is an incredibly bad idea because a large number of accidents are caused due to intoxicated drivers. Consuming these substances impair the cognitive and motor skills of the drivers and disable them to make quick decisions on the road. Therefore, stay away from these substances when you have to drive, or if you are planning to consume them, designate a sober driver for the trip.

  1. Say no to distracted driving:

Modern innovations have made the driving difficult because of the numerous gadgets and entertainment options available in the vicinity of modern cars. All of these gadgets, like phone, radio, and video players, distract the drivers considerably, which is why distracted driving is often termed as the leading cause of car accidents. Therefore, next time if you have to answer an urgent call or reply to a crucial text, pull your car over to the side of the road, and then attend to these needs.

  1. Do not break traffic rules:

Traffic rules are incorporated into the road infrastructure after much research so that all the occupants of the road can experience a safe time on the way. If you think it is cool to engage in over speeding, or shifting lanes without engaging the turnover switch, your thought process is seriously misplaced. Such dangerous maneuvers may seem to pump adrenaline in your body, but they can prove to be potentially fatal, and be aware that unlike the movies, you do not get a second life in reality.

  1. Drive a safe car:

Modern manufacturers are churning out models with more and more advanced safety features like Automatic Braking System and front collision mitigation system. Therefore, possess a car that has at least basic safety features because a safe car reduces the risk of accidents significantly. Even if you cannot afford a modern vehicle, you can still ensure the high performance of your existing vehicle by keeping it well maintained. Most important safety aspects of a car are its braking system, the integrity of the body, and airbags, and nowadays, even the cheaper cars possess these features.