More than 60 million people worldwide are suffering (or have suffered) from erectile dysfunction. We all know the social stigma that is usually associated with ED and have heard enough accounts to know how much difficulty ED patients go through even for something as simple as asking for their medication from their local pharmacist.

The stigma is so strong, in fact, that many don’t even approach a doctor to discuss their treatment options. In the understanding of the stigma these people have to face, we have prepared this short guide on the different treatment options that are available for ED. This should not be considered as conclusive medical advice in any way whatsoever. It is just a way to help shorten the discussion that you will eventually need to have with your doctor.


One of the most opted treatment methods for ED is penile prosthesis surgery. The surgery won’t be short, it will be invasive, and there’s no guarantee that you would be eligible under the NHS scheme, which means it will cost you a significant amount of money. Moreover, the chances of success with surgery are not as high as one would hope and oftentimes people have to supplement it with the use of medication.


The most common form of treatment for ED is medication. Depending on your medical history, sexual activity, lifestyle, and needs, you will either be prescribed on Sildenafil or Tadalafil. Luckily, you can get erection pills in UK online and not have to go through the hassle of having to explain your ailment to multiple people in the process.


Penis pumps are also an option that many ED patients use. These are used by people who do not want to go through surgery or let their bodies be affected by pharmaceutical medication. The pump comprises of a cylinder, into which the penis is inserted, and a pump to create the vacuum in the cylinder. Using physics (the vacuum and gravity), the pump draws blood to the penis, allowing for an erection.

However, in order to preserve the erection, you need to be genuinely sexually aroused. The pump won’t do much except give you an erect penis for a few minutes if you aren’t sexually aroused. Moreover, pumps are not exactly the most convenient option, considering they stand out and can be cumbersome to carry around.


Many times, erectile dysfunction is a result of stress or unresolved psychological distress. Therapy, especially with therapists who focus on sexual disorders, can also go a long way. In fact, some people have reported that they did not need any surgery, medication, or pumps, and they resolved their ED by therapy alone.


As you can see, there is help available for those suffering from ED. The above information should give you enough to discuss specific options with your doctor. With all that we’ve discussed, it would shorten your conversation considerably as you would have a general idea as to what your options are.

What you must remember, above all, is to follow your doctor’s instructions. Whether you opt for surgery or medication or even a penis pump, talk to your doctor or a trained medical professional before making the decision.