Many a time, your sexual issues may be deeply connected to the anxiety over your performance in bed. While depression is closely linked to anxiety, the latter can cause serious sexual performance issues like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. As most men are always under pressure to please their partners, such anxieties are quite common, thus degrading their natural sexual stamina. 

Scroll on to know some other important facts about performance anxiety that causes sexual dysfunction in men. 

What are the root causes of performance anxiety? 

Anxiety is not something that sprouts without a definite cause. Nowadays, we live a tremendous hectic life to make the most of available resources and chase our dreams. We keep toiling and sweating to support a lifestyle that we have become so habituated to. This affects our sex life to a great extent. 

As the men tend to think a lot about their ability to appease women, they seldom realize that the pressure of work, finances, family and other things add to such thoughts, thus creating performance anxiety. Some men also get anxious over the size of their penis or their body in general, which increases the problem. 

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is a common problem for men, who suffer from performance anxiety. Although there are many other physical causes of ED like blood circulation issues, diabetes, injuries, lower testosterone levels, or a chronic illness, performance anxiety can’t be ruled out at any cost. In many cases, an increase in sexual stamina has directly been influenced by mood uplifts and confidence boost. 

So, what can you do to prevent any kind of anxiety or related issues from meddling with your sex life? Let’s shed some light on that. 

Do some exercises to boost your confidence

If you’re suffering from performance anxiety because of your body structure, you should start working out. Cardio exercises can improve your sex life in general, as explained in the blog so make sure you include them in your workout regime. With that, some push-ups and squats will improve flexibility and enhance both your physical and mental health.

Talk to your woman

The core of all performance anxiety issues lies in the concept of pleasing your partner, so why not go ahead and talk to her about it? You should open up about your issues more often to create a seamless channel of communication with your partner. And who knows? You may be worrying about nothing at all! 

Consult a therapist

If the problem lies elsewhere like if there’s a core issue of your depression, which is causing performance anxiety, you can consult a therapist. With deep retrospection and the right questions, you may realize the underlying issues of your depression and resolve those to get rid of your performance anxiety. Ask your partner to accompany you, if possible, as it will provide you with much-needed support and confidence. 

Let it go 

If you are anxious over the size of your penis, you should know that it has nothing to do with pleasure. And it’s not that you can do something about it, so just let it go. Try to focus on other areas where you can improve, like holding romantic conversations with your woman, trying different postures in bed, prioritizing the needs of your partner, and so on. 

 There are numerous possibilities for you to be sexually desirable, so no point in fretting over your appearance, body structure, or even the size of your genitals. If you are looking for a penis enlargement method, then you might want to check Proextender.

Follow a healthy diet

You should include dopamine-releasing foods in your diet like yogurt, milk, dark chocolate, eggs, bananas, nuts, and many more to get rid of anxiety and improve your sexual performance. Dopamine is also known as the happy hormone, which uplifts moods and helps you keep stressful thoughts at bay. When you aren’t anxious, you may notice a significant improvement in your sexual stamina automatically. 

Stop exaggerating in your mind about orgasm

Yes! It’s difficult to get a woman an orgasm, but did anyone ever tell you that it’s not necessary to get one every time you make love with your partner? Stop exaggerating the results of non-orgasmic sex, as it will only worsen your problem. Let it be natural and smooth and romantic for your partner and not some goal-oriented exercise. 

Wrapping it up

If performance anxiety is not the cause of your sexual problem, then you can always try other methods like Kegels, Delay sprays, yoga, foreplay, the squeeze technique, and many more to get rid of it. Don’t feel disheartened about it, as it’s quite common for men to have such issues. They can be reversed and all you need are a lot of patience and proper support from your partner regarding the same.