Are you looking to start your own private practice? Do you already have a private practice but are looking for ways to see larger profit margins? If the answer is ‘yes’ to either one of these questions, the answer is simple: you need to invest in more modern systems. 

We’re going to explain a few benefits of a modernized systems investment as well as the types of systems that you should consider. Keep reading to learn more! 

Why Invest in Modern Systems for Your Practice

You might be wondering why you should invest money into a new system when you already have several that work well or if a modern system is even necessary. There are several benefits to upgrading old systems or choosing top-tier practice management software.

If you happen to be using outdated software, there is a decent chance that it has slowed down over the years which can make finding and sorting patient records difficult, leading to increased call times as well as frustrated staff and patients. 

As your practice grows, older systems can make it easier for patients to slip through the cracks which can negatively impact their health, pushing them to find a new provider and causing you to lose money. 

Aside from the software aspect, a larger practice means more people coming into your workspace. Having an old, non-functioning, or non-existent security system can leave private information vulnerable to prying eyes and open your practice to sticky fingers. 

Finding the Best Practice Management Software

The benefits of updating your old practice software are numerous as is choosing the right type of software when you are starting your own practice. It can be difficult to discern exactly which features are needed, which ones aren’t, and how much to pay for them. 

Ideally, when you choose your practice management software, you will choose a system that incorporates several important features that increase productivity and patient satisfaction: 

  • SMS, email, and letter communications
  • Online forms
  • Appointment booking (both online and in-person)
  • Patient invoicing
  • Telehealth video calling

While you can absolutely choose to use multiple systems for these features (and hope they integrate with one another), it is far easier to opt for a management software system that includes everything you need. This allows your staff to better learn one type of software instead of hoping they master several different systems that may or may not work well together.

A complete practice management system will also ensure that no patients are left without care, unnecessarily waiting long periods for return calls or to be seen, and helps to keep all records updated with pertinent information.

Choosing to Update Your Security System

It’s clear that choosing a modernized practice software is important but if you ignore your security system, it might be for naught. As technology has gotten better, so has security – there are now far more options than a simple security alarm panel or cameras.

One such option is the use of RFID cards. These cards can be programmed to allow certain staff members access to areas of the office while preventing others who don’t have the same clearance from entering. 

The use of these cards is far more ideal than using other types of internal security, especially coded door locks. This is because the panels become contaminated quickly and can be breached by someone simply observing an employee inputting the code.

Lanyards holding these cards and other forms of identification can be worn around the neck making them difficult to lose and lessen the chances of someone gaining entry to restricted areas. Also, having a keycard on a lanyard is far easier to access and use than is a key on a keyring at the bottom of a pocket or purse!

You may also consider upgrading your alarm panel to include mobile and remote features (like Bluetooth disarming), multiple user codes, a long battery life, and a deafening alarm to ward off intruders. When you choose to update your alarm system, many companies will offer package deals to help save you money and give you the best security options possible.

It is wise to update your camera equipment as well for clearer pictures of would-be wrongdoers and to help keep honest people honest. Clear video footage can help prosecute criminals but the simple presence of newer cameras is often a great deterrent – most people realize that they are being filmed and know that there is evidence against them when they’re caught. Be sure that the recording equipment you choose is HIPPA compliant in order to protect both your patients and practice! 

Times Are Changing: Is Your Practice Ready?

Every year, there are several updates to technology and new products that hit the market. Does that mean that you must update your practice’s system each time a newer, faster, or better option comes along? Absolutely not. 

However, it is important to keep both your practice software and office security systems updated or at least somewhat current to help ensure your practice runs smoothly and is protected against ill intentions. 

When you choose to update your software, you’ll be amazed at all of the new features available and at how easy it is to adjust to the new system. Similarly, choosing to update your old security systems will help your staff feel more secure and place your mind at ease when it comes to your patients’ records and personal information!