The very first thing people always tend to notice when looking at someone is most often their eyes and nose. A nose which is higher, sharper and more defined makes the face to be more beautiful, improving facial features, elegance, and attractiveness. Having the nose adjusted to the desired shape must necessarily be achieved through surgery which is risky. The non-surgical method includes; nose threads lift and nose filler.

Nose filler and nose thread lift treatment can be done alone or in combination. In Singapore, it is important to let a qualified doctor assess your nose and your desired outcome to determine which treatment suits you. Most of the time, a combination of the two treatments methods may be required to achieve a more defined nose – here is a sneak-peak of what these two natural processes look like:

Nose filler

With the nose filler method – it is important to note that the filler contains a hyaluronic acid that can be injected in the nose section to shape and lift the nose and it can enhance the height and how visible the nose is. 

To carry out the process, a numbing cream is always smeared before the procedure to reduce any discomforting pain. It is always the most enjoyable part of the procedure and the filler has some anesthesia in it that minimizes the discomforting pain the patient may feel.

Any downtime or side effects?

Disparate to surgery, nose filler has very little or no side effects at all. What can be expected are some small needle marks and redness which will go away fast? There may also be some slight bruises that will go away just within a week. 

Sporadic complexities consist of infections of skin necrosis and even blind noses in some cases when the nose filler is carried out by an unprofessional injector. ?1Aesthetics aesthetic clinic always discusses these possible rare complexities before administering treatment. The filler can last between 12 – 18 months and regular treatments can be carried out when the effect expires, thus consistent treatment is vital to achieving desirable looks.

The nose thread lift

The long-lasting thread lift can be broken down into two parts – the nose bridge and nose tip augmentation. Augmentation means “lifting” or “an elevation of”. At 1Aesthetics aesthetic clinic, the two nose lifting methods are often carried out together to capitalize on harmony. 

The nose thread lift method seems to be more natural and better than the nose filler method. Here are some benefits of the nose thread lift non-surgical method:

  • The nose thread lift method gives a bigger demarcation to the bridge while it still appears natural.
  • Making a well augmented and sharper nose bridge void of any unusual widening
  • Lifting the nose tip to make it sharper in a way the nose tip filler cannot attain – here is where the main difference lies.
  • The nose thread lift method can as well reduce the nose area for a smaller looking nose tip.