According to surveys conducted in US, it has been found that many people who choose rehab from drug use, substance use or alcohol go back to their old ways with very little or no benefit from rehabilitation.

People often spend so much money to rehabilitate their near and dear ones; face hardships for the addict so that he or she can lead a normal life but it is seen that all that the family does for the addict fails because he or she never stops taking drugs or alcohol.

Many reasons can be attributed to failure of rehab. However this narrative driven article focuses on 5 most common reasons that are found to fail the rehab attempt.

Very little individual care

You can recount from people who have attempted several times at different rehab centers that in most centers very little or no individual treatment or care is offered to the patients. Most centers run their programs as designed without giving much importance or attention towards the patients.

Most centers have their designed programs that include little of detox, little of counseling and more of lectures and therapy programs. Some centers focus on religious lectures and counseling to the patients. These bear very little results because the length of rehabilitation program is not long enough to influence religiously and bear fruit.

Some rehab centers don’t treat the patients with care and love that is required to motivate individuals to lead a normal life. Most patients complain of very poor treatment by the staff and very little personal attention is given to patients.

Understanding the problems and psychology of patient is most important for healthy recovery of the patient. Experts are needed to understand their stress and difficulties, and programs devised to address their issues so that when they go out of rehab, they are fully ready to face the world. However, sadly such programs and individual attention is grossly missing in most cases.

Addicts are still exposed to same environment

After the patient leaves the rehabilitation center, proper care should be taken to ensure that the person who has just come out of rehab is not exposed to the same environment. Sadly, in most cases where rehab fails, this care is missing. Often family members just see that they take good care of the patient, but fail to improve the surroundings that pulled the patient towards drug or alcohol use.

Even during the rehab program, very little care is taken to see if patient is still using drugs or not. At times, friends sneak drugs to their rehab friend or the drug peddler supplies the drug to patient in the center. It is also seen that in some cases rehab centers also use another category of drug to treat drug addicts which in itself is a failure.

Some centers also take out patients that take rehab center program but continue to stay at home. Although, this could be effective in very few cases, this kind of rehab program mostly fails because the main cause of drug use that is the stress due to office or home is not addressed.

Frustration due to relapse

In most cases of drug abuse, it has been seen that patients have to be rehabilitated few times before any substantial benefit can be seen from the program. Many patients respond well to the program, but a majority of patients suffer from frustration of being in the same position after spending a huge amount of money and time with the program.

It has come to notice that some patients took more than 5 rehab programs before they could actually sober down. This is not a single case, but there are multitudes of cases like this and many people actually leave the program in the middle as they feel completely useless to go through the entire ordeal to come back again.

Duration of programs

Some rehab programs fail simply because their duration is designed poorly. A drug rehab plan is effective only when its duration is long enough to accustom the addict to live without drugs even with all kinds of attraction and motivation to use it. Rehab programs should ideally be designed depending on many factors like the kind of drug being taken by the addict, the length of time that the addict has been using it, and the factors that have led the addict to the drug use and many more.

No after rehab care

Patients that come out of rehab centers are very gullible and childlike. If they are given proper care, attention and love, they can actually leave their past behind and start a new journey. However, it is seen that in most cases, after the person comes out of rehab center, he is considered completely cured and treated in the same manner as other people.

Also, rehab centers do not take any measures to watch actual effects of their treatment and the behavior of their patient.