With more countries accepting the use of CBD oil, the product is growing in popularity. Being different from cannabis products containing THC, it does not result in psychoactive effects. On the contrary, it helps to improve your well being on multiple fronts. If you are a CBD oil user, you are probably curious how you can consume it. You could pour it in a drink, but there are also more  creative ways to consume it. 

Why not pour a smoothie?

Simply putting it in soda or coffee is not that exciting. What about creating a fresh smoothie? When you create a smoothie, you do not only create a way to consume the CBD but also a healthy habit. When using fresh vegetables and fruits you also mask the taste of the oil. Want to make sure that you do not loose any of it? This is a good way to go. For example, when cooking with the oil, you tend to keep some of it in the pan. With a smoothie you are certain you can consume the complete dose. Furthermore, it is convenient to dose your intake per smoothie.

Baking some cakes or brownies

Baking with CBD is a good way to consume the oil. You do, however, need to take into account the heat. You risk losing some of the rich contents when exceeding 170 degree celsius temperatures. CBD oil at Cibdol is a product suitable for this style of baking. This style also comes with advantages, as it is easier to dose the intake. For example, if you bake cupcakes you can divide the amount of CBD among the cakes. When baking you also make sure that you do not loose any of the oil.

Do not use it as frying oil

When frying the CBD oil, you will loose much of its rich contents. The CBD can evaporate due to the heat and not much of the richt content can remain. Especially when the oil is at the bottom of the pan, it will not become part of your dish in the end. If you want to use it in a dish, pour the oil over it after you have fried it.

Enjoying it in your salad

While you can use it to bake, it can also refreshen your salad. Mix your salad with some tomatoes, olives, walnuts, onion, tuna and add some CBD oil to it. The blend will leave you refreshened. Using this approach also allows you to dose the intake of CBD according to your desire.

An old-fashioned cup of tea

While it might seem old-fashioned, a cup of tea with some CBD is a good treat. You can easily does the intake and enjoy it with some sugar and milk. Good to know: CBD and caffeine also seem to be a well-suited combination, so give it a try and pour it into a coffee as well!

The recommendations in this article are provided by www.cibdol.com. The CBD oil at cibdol is manufactured in Switzerland and is diverse in usage.