This is one of the hottest questions that are generally thrown around and that are constantly bubbling in the mind of every aspirator. And the one answer you’ll get often than not is that it is definitely not easy. But in my opinion, at the bottom line, it depends more on you. If you’ve got a potential medical genius in you and you’re ready to give it your all, getting in will be easy. Otherwise, if you keep asking “is it hard to get into Jamaican medical schools” without taking the right actions, you’ll definitely find it hard and fail woefully. So to speak, in this post I’ll show you everything hard about gaining admission into a Jamaican school. At the end of this post, you’ll know what it takes, what to expect, and hopefully take the right actions. Dive in.

Excellence In Undergraduate Academics

Unlike American medical schools, Jamaican medical colleges are more forgiving to low undergraduate GPAs. Factors that could have been a barrier to your performances are considered. Those factors include; whether you experience the death of a relative, and whether you encountered financial problems that may have been the cause for your low undergraduate GPA. Nevertheless, this doesn’t essentially translate to the admission of all low GPA students. The admission committees are able to filter out the non-promising applicants in some core science subjects. By tracing through your records from the first session in pre-medical shool through your final year in pre-medical school, the committee is able to make decisions based on whether you’re improving from time to time or otherwise. Note that the subjects that are given the chief attention and analysis are the core science subjects such as; biology, chemistry, physics, other science subjects. Students with noticeable improvements through these subjects from class to class have greater chances of gaining admission over their counterparts. At the bottom line, if you want to increase the chances of your application getting considered, focus more on your science subjects in pre-medical college.

Extra-Curricular Activities That Are Relevant

Applicants with relevant extra-curricular activities participation certificates expand their chances of gaining entry into Jamaican medical schools. By including the certificates of participation in sports as a first-aid person, certificate of working with a physician, other relevant certificates, you create an impression. This is so because the admission committee is more interested in candidates with leadership skills, teamwork spirit, passion for health and well-being, and great communication skills. Therefore, if you’re aspiring to study medicine later on in the future, you want to start engaging and participating in activities and become a part of teams or clubs that help you to achieve this.

MCAT Score

If you’ve made it this far, this is the greatest part. MCAT test is the test you take to be considered for medical studies admission. Without a good MCAT result, all Jamaican medical schools will turn down your application. During the MCAT test, your reasoning skills are tested together with your technical analysis skills on core science subjects like biochemistry, physical biology, physics, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and psychology. A great MCAT score is an assurance that you’ll be admitted. But MCAT tests are the most difficult. But with proper preparation, you could pass in flying colors.

Professional And Personal Character

This is the final stage. At this level, the admission committee interviews you on your personal character and your professional character. If you’ve ever had a job interview or any related professional interview and had success in it, you want to treat this one in the same way.