Obesity has become such a problem that it’s now considered a deadly illness. According to the World Health Organization, obesity has tripled since 1975 with over 40% of adults being overweight. Healthcare professionals have been trying to warn the public about the rise of obesity issues and their alarming fatality rates. 78% of those who speak to healthcare professionals about nutritions end up deciding to change their eating habits.

Thankfully, social media has boosted the growth of fitness culture and enabled faster knowledge sharing. Many struggle to not only lose or maintain weight but also to keep a consistently active lifestyle. Various external factors such as pandemic-driven shutdown could easily disrupt one’s routine and access, making dedication to fitness and healthy eating a lifelong commitment that requires multiple tries.

However, we have entrepreneurs and innovators who have brought products to remove much of the manual efforts and help us retain the habits that allow us to live more fulfilling and energetic lives. Here are 5 innovations we could thank our lucky stars we have at our disposal.

1. MyFitnessPal

Main reason why fitness and healthy eating is such a difficult habit to stick to is because of lack of knowledge. It is hard for us to know the nutritional facts of every ingredient we purchase that goes into our meal and also understand what is good fat vs. bad fat. Being in shape requires balance between what and how much you consume and how much exercise you get each day. It is hard to track all of your movements and activities throughout your day. MyFitnessPal will do that for you.

You can download it and scan the barcodes of the food you buy at grocery stores to quickly get all the nutritional information you need. Based on your body type and weight goals, it’ll set a threshold for each type of nutritional element and let you know if what you’re eating will be above or below your daily limit.

2. CoolSculpting

Some fat are extremely stubborn. They found their nest and are now refusing to leave. Areas such as the abdomen are difficult areas to shape up as fat deposits are much more difficult to get rid of. For women who have given birth, ‘mummy tummy’ is a source of great stress as the sometimes loosened abdominal muscles will make it impossible to get rid of that little bulge and no exercise cannot fix it.

Enter CoolSculpting.It is a procedure that targets very specific areas to freeze the fat content and start to empty out the fat deposits, making the fat bulges disappear over time. It doesn’t guarantee permanent results as you’ll need consistent exercise and healthy eating habits to maintain the newly sculpted body. However, it could give you an advantage that may not have been possible on your own. CoolSculpting is easier than liposuction but both are still clinical procedures so make sure to consult experts such as Cosmos Clinic before you decide.

3. Vejo Portable Blender

Vejo is the world’s first biodegradable smart blender using pods to blend a wider range of food items such as fruits, vegetables, etc. Vejo strives to go beyond being just a convenient portable blender. It helps you track your consumption and stick to the desired nutritional regimen no matter where you are. They offer twenty variations of pods which contain different portions of mixes based on the recommendations from their in-house nutritionists, doctors, and athletes.

It takes making detailed detox meal plans out of your hands and allows you to not snack incessantly when you are outside. As the economy starts to reopen, we will be tempted to overeat and overdrink when we’re out with our friends in a social setting. An integrated health platform product such as Vejo can help you maintain an active life as you get back into your routine.

4. NormaTec Stockings

We all fear the inevitable soreness that comes with strong fitness routines. Our muscles tense up and sometimes the pain requires physiotherapy or even doctors. NormaTec, a once medical company, created compression stockings to improve blood circulation after each workout to expedite muscle recovery. Once you slide your legs into the stockings, the compressed air will massage your limbs in zones. It has the same effect as a sports massage but it’s faster and immediately fulfilling. It will relax the muscles where they are tight. It will not only help with the recovery time but also enhance your performance as your range of motion will be enhanced with reduced tension or pain.