Anxiety and other mental illnesses are on a rise in America, causing a major concern. Things like social media, unrealistic expectations, and lack of mental health research have led to a record number of cases regarding mental illness and suicide. The amount of people suffering from ailments like anxiety is staggering, creating a crisis in our nation. So if you’re someone who suffers from anxiety, how can you cope with it? What are some healthy methods to deal with this ongoing crisis? Here are six ways to calm your anxiety. 

Physical Activity

One of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety is through physical activity. Physical activity can be effective in combating mental illness in a variety of ways. First, physical activity is positive stress and can create endorphins, the chemical commonly associated with happiness. In addition, focusing on physical activity and exercising can be a great way to take your mind off of whatever is making you anxious. Finally, physical activity can make you healthier and more physically fit, something that can boost your confidence and self-esteem. There are many benefits to engaging in physical activity, and if you’re someone who’s struggling with anxiety then getting on a schedule of regular activity could be a huge help. 


A growing trend in the fight against anxiety is the use of meditation to calm oneself down. Meditation can be extremely effective in calming an anxiety episode and doesn’t require a lot of effort. In addition, there are various ways one could meditate, as they could either meditate on their own or use a guided meditation. Meditation revolves around slowing one’s breath down, taking deep breaths to get a calming feeling. One might also focus on happy thoughts or use various meditation techniques designed to prevent the mind from wandering to anxious thoughts. Those that are struggling with anxiety may want to try meditation, as it can be a great way to calm oneself down. 

Listening to Music

Everybody loves listening to music, as music has many different properties to it. Music could excite you and get you pumped up for a workout. Alternatively, music could make you want to move and dance at a party. However one of the most effective and helpful uses of music is its ability to calm people down and reduce anxiety. If you’re ever feeling anxious, you can listen to a soft song or music that has happy emotions and memories attached to it. Hearing this music can be very powerful, and it can be a great way to cheer you up or take your mind off of what is making you so anxious.


Sometimes when people feel anxious they turn to certain products to make them feel better. While things like binge eating and drinking are unhealthy and can further worsen your anxiety in the long run, there are healthier ways to cope. One of the best products to use to calm your anxiety is CBD. CBD has lots of properties that can help you calm down from anxiety, as the product has been known to provide a relaxing stress-free feeling. You simply need to find your preferred method of buying CBD, whether it be from a local store on an online retailer like Phytodabs. Regardless of how you choose to take CBD products, CBD should be a huge help in your fight against anxiety.

Change Diet

Many people might not think that their diet has a major effect on their anxiety, but studies have shown otherwise. One of the biggest parts of your diet that can contribute to your anxiety is the consumption of caffeine. Yes, caffeine can be helpful to wake you up and get your day started, but it also can spike your adrenaline and make you feel more anxious. When you consume caffeine you’ll be more energetic and feel like you’re on edge, greatly increasing the likelihood that you’ll experience anxiety. If you frequently experience long spells of anxiety, try cutting caffeine out of your diet as it could be negatively contributing to your anxious tendencies. 

Distract Yourself

While it’s not always the best idea to drown yourself in something else to avoid anxiety, it could be an effective temporary solution. Distracting yourself with something else doesn’t address the root problem of your anxiety, but it still can be a great way to calm yourself down. If you’re extremely anxious over something, try turning on your favorite T.V show or opening up your favorite book. Getting engrossed in something else can take your mind off of what is making you anxious, allowing you to calm down for the time being.