Let’s face it – a marketing strategy is something that you can’t evade, especially if you have a healthcare facility. With so much advancement in technology, information on health is easily accessible from anywhere around the globe, using just the tip of our fingers. 

There are usually two reasons that push healthcare facilities to start a marketing strategy for their business. The number of patients visiting the facility might have gone down, or they want to boost their current number of patients. Whichever the reason might be, healthcare marketing strategies are a great way of staying relevant and gaining from your cause.

Therefore, for a successful marketing strategy, it must be strategically planned and budgeted to reach new clients while still retaining the current ones.


Reasons to Consider an Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategy

With the coming of technology, the meaning of patient satisfaction has changed interestingly. Providing the right treatment for your patients is no longer considered as the only primary option for your facility (at least according to your patients). Your patients aren’t only just patients but are now your customers. So, they expect you to exhibit perfect customer services in the way you handle them.

A study done by McKinsey revealed that patients apply similar expectations from healthcare companies as they do with non-healthcare companies. This means that your patients/customers now want you to deliver on their expectations, offer excellent customer service, give them value, and make their lives more comfortable from buying your services. Sounds hectic right?

To fulfill your patients’ needs and wants, you need a strategic marketing plan for your healthcare.

The following are some of the best healthcare marketing strategies to help you realize a significant return on your investment.

1. Market to Your Current Patients

Consider the clients you’ve already acquired, you know, those that are loyal to your services and facility in general. They can be the best assets you have, and they still come to you because they know it’s worth doing so. So, why not convert them by keeping them at bay with your facility’s information (of course, only the necessary stuff).

Have your internal audience updated on what new services you’ve got, products, any reports concerning their health, promotions, and perhaps seminars. Fluent communication forms a trust between you and your clients. They feel involved in your cause, and eventually, recommending your services to their families or friends becomes an easy thing.

2. Advertise Answers to Problems

Running a healthcare facility means you are solving peoples’ problems and answering questions to the related field. This means that whoever is coming to you wants a problem fixed, and questions answered. Therefore, you have to advertise yourself and the facility as the answer to their questions. Everybody knows the job of a doctor, but more importantly, they want to see if you, in particular, and your facility have the answers to what they are facing.

So, how do you do this? Formulate a plan, conduct research, collect data from your records, and understand the common problems that your patients are facing. After that, show the audience what you have and how capable you are of solving their issues.

3. Have an Effective Healthcare Website

About two decades ago, the patient’s primary places for seeking health assistance were only their nearest facilities. But since the coming of the internet, a lot has changed. People no longer feel like visiting their nearest health facility for treatment. They can log in on a particular healthcare site, consult a doctor, and get their desired prescriptions. This eventually ends up hurting your facility if you aren’t that involved on the web.

To get on board with all the advancement, you need a proper functioning and fast website for your facility. This helps in leveraging the number of patients in your facility. You can miss out on many potential clients, some even from just around your area, by neglecting the internet’s takeover. However, for a better experience with your clients online, work on making your website fast enough, optimized, and productive with informative content.

4. Protect Your Website’s Reputation

After launching a responsive enough website, focus on its reputation online. The most regulated and shut down sites are those on healthcare services. This only makes sense because the search engine companies won’t allow the audience to consume just any content which may, later on, prove to be hazardous to their health. So, for a healthcare website, you need to observe and apply the legal formalities for the benefit of your brand and patients as well.

Additionally, if anyone visited your website and let’s say, had a bad experience, you need to be very considerate of how you handle your response. This is because just one bad review about your website might term it as untrustworthy. Remember, information flies fast these days.

5. Track Your Marketing Strategies

This is obvious; after implementing a well-planned and budgeted marketing strategy, you need to keep checking on its progress. Are you reaping what you sowed?

Tracking your healthcare marketing strategies will help you know what’s working and what isn’t. Therefore, you know which approach to refrain from and the one to embrace.

A healthcare marketing strategy can be a bit challenging. So, to make it as simple and straightforward as possible, the above five tips should help. Make sure you understand your target audience and the motive for your promotion.


It is crystal clear that as a healthcare service provider, you also need to step up your marketing strategies if you wish to stay ahead of the pack. Clients will only associate with an institution that has demonstrated its ability and willingness to do business. 

The best healthcare marketing strategy will increase business awareness to clients, and organically grow their business.

Smooth implementation of healthcare marketing strategies should be encouraged, with the ability to easily track their progress. After being triumphant on all the challenges of a marketing strategy, the healthcare institution can start eating the sweet fruits of success.