Did you know that there are several surprising benefits of CBD oil? For example, CBD oil can help reduce acne, Parkinson’s disease symptoms, reduce pain for cancer patients, and even help treat type 1 diabetes.

CBD oil isn’t the only way you can consume it. There are many other ways you can consume CBD to reap the benefits of this miracle plant. Keep reading to find out what types of delicious edibles you can try that are infused with CBD.

What Are CBD Edibles and What Are the Advantages of Taking Them?

CBD edibles are a safe and legal (in most states) way to consume CBD. CBD contains active compounds found in cannabis plants. But, unlike cannabis, CBD doesn’t contain THC so it doesn’t give you a high. If it is the high that you are looking for, you’d be better off trying a THC product such as THC gummies (you can visit https://observer.com/2021/05/best-delta-8-thc-gummies/ for more information).

Consuming CBD in edible form just means that you get to eat them as a tasty treat, instead of having to stick oil on your tongue (like you do with CBD oil). 

If you’re thinking of trying them to help relieve pain, anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, or migraines then you aren’t alone. 14% of Americans use CBD in some form, with 40% reporting they use it because of pain. But what are the advantages of taking CBD edibles over other CBD products?

Edibles are slowly broken down in the digestive system, which means that the CBD properties are released over a longer period of time. This slow release means that you’ll get to experience the effects of CBD for longer.

Another advantage of CBD edibles over other CBD products is that they are easy to make if you want to create your own CBD edibles. If you want to buy them, then they are also easy to dose, as they come with a pre-measured dosage.

3 Common CBD Edibles You Can Buy

According to the CBD experts from Hemppedia, there are many types of CBD edible products available to buy and make yourself. First time CBD users should consider trying shop-bought CBD edibles to begin with, just so they know the dosage of CBD to edible treat. Then once you become more accustomed with CBD edibles, there’s no reason you can’t make your own delicious treats. 

  • CBD Gummies

One of the most common CBD edibles available is CBD gummies. Gummy candies are infused with CBD to provide you with a healthy treat. You can find gummy bears, rings, fruits, and an assortment of other shapes and flavors. 

For those who are particularly health-conscious, there’s even CBD sugar-free gummies available to buy.

  • CBD Dried Fruit
    If you don’t want to indulge in sugary candies or sweets, then you might want to buy some CBD dried fruit. There’s plenty of CBD dried fruits to try. You’ll be sure to find something that tickles your taste buds, from banana to mango, and from kiwi to apricots.
  • CBD Protein Bars

You can even boost your workout and reach better gains by eating delicious CBD infused protein bars. Gym-goers and those who are health-conscious can enjoy their usual protein bar with the added benefits of CBD.