Recently transcription was one of the tedious and manual methods. Doctors and other staff record their conversation and voice notes on the scratchy tape named Dictaphone then they sat in front of the computer for the sake of typing. But now in this era, there is a number of different functions and services that you can use to record your audio and they instantly convert it into text on the screen of the computer.

According to the latest data on the translation sector, this is one of the most requested services by companies, which often comes across audio and video documents that must be transformed into text files, or presentations in different formats, and of various types, to be able to maintain them and use them correctly, in a practical and fast way.

Normally, together with the transcription of an audio file, the translation into several languages (which naturally vary according to the market in which you work or according to the specific requirements) of the same content that is transcribed in text form is also requested.

Here one question rise, either it is safe to use or not. Because it is a matter of privacy when you are publishing sensitive voice notes or conversation clips.

How Audio Transcription Services Work

To use it you can record an audio file or upload one to cloud storage. Automatically, a full transcript will be displayed on the right side of the document, from which you can select the entire text or parts of it to incorporate it into the document you are working on.

And how would this tool improve student life? For example, it would allow students with difficulties taking notes to record the classes and convert them to text format with less effort.

There are three camps of audio transcription services of Medical Transcription Company.

  • First is Computer-driven
  • Second is greatly expensive
  • Third involves the mixture of humans and computer processing.

The first category is mostly known by people. It is those transcription audio services which are offered by Apple and Google. They are able to convert the voices analog waves into a digital presentation. Then it broke them into small segments and then matches these segments to the known elements and phonemes of the selected language.

After this, the algorithms examine these segments and then put them by Al models and statistical models that automatically generate texts. As these are computer-driven transcription service that’s why it becomes the most inexpensive to process. Besides this, the accuracy is not guaranteed especially when the text is extracted from the multi-person or noisy environment.

The other type of transcription is Human powered. It involves the platform which is some dedicated type just like “Rev”. It connects the number of customers to the pre-approved transcriber’s pool. Besides this, you are also having an opportunity to hire someone from the marketplace of freelance to transcribe audio for you like Fiverr or Upwork.

And the other one is a combination of both humans and computers. To speed up or accelerate the process of audio transcription, there are some sites that permit the Al to perform the preliminary work by which someone can fix the mistakes.

Are Online Transcription Services Safe or Private?

One of the most frequently asked questions are either the transcription service is safe or private to use or not. The answer is a little bit complicated.

Whenever you hand over your data to any third party than in this case you are completely relaying on them for the sake of protection. Eventually, there is a need to ask two things to yourself.

1. How sensitive the conversation is?

2. Should you trust the transcribed service or not?

For this purpose, you have to consider some major things.

  • Does this organization have a good and well reputation?
  • Either the company is well established or not?
  • Does this company have any previous record of data breaching?
  • Either there is any kind of policy for privacy that says the data will be secured or handled by them.

Besides these all, Al-driven services greatly relay on the contractors of third party and employees for the sake of quality control checks. These checks show that there is always someone who will listen to your voice notes and conversation.

Though, in the number of cases, there is no chance of deal-breaking. But in case, if your voice notes and conversation is commercially sensitive or deeply private. Then you may consider opening your text editor and manual way of transcribing audio.