One of the services offered by Manhattan Dermatology is mole removal. You can get a mole removed for aesthetic reasons or because a mole is cancerous.

Dermatologists will usually use two procedures to remove a mole from your skin. The first procedure is called shave excision. Shave excision involves the removal of a mole by carefully slicing the mole away using a sharp, thin razor or razor-like tool.

The other way a dermatologist will remove a mole is by surgical excision. Surgical excision is deeper than Shave excision. It involves the cutting out of the entire mole down to the subcutaneous layer.

Both procedures will often leave scars but the latter more serious than the former. There are steps you can take to prevent the scar from becoming too pronounced including:

Avoiding the Sun

Excess exposure to sunlight is devastating on a healing wound. It can lead to the wound becoming darker or discolored due to the overexposure of UV rays.

Therefore to reduce the scar, you should cover the scar whenever you are outdoors. If the wound is substantially healed, you should try applying sunscreen, but you should stop if there is any irritation.

Keep the Scar Clean and Moist

Wounds on the skin typically heal more comprehensively when they are clean and moist. The better your skin heals, the better and less noticeable the scar will look.

Ensure you use a moisturizer or petroleum jelly on your wound under your bandage when it is still healing. Once the scar is fully healed, you should try applying silicone gel. If the dermatologist recommends the application of an antibiotic ointment, you should heed his/her instructions.

Massage the Scarred Area

A massage is generally good for your skin and even more so if you have a deep scar on your skin. When the wound is not fully healed, the skin around it will still be tender, so refrain from touching it. 

However, when the tissue begins to heal and harden, you should definitely massage it. Massaging will invigorate the skin and cause the scar to be less pronounced.

You should start with light pressure when massaging the scar and increase the pressure the more comfortable it gets. Ensure you use lubrication and stop if it ever starts to become painful.

Corticosteroid Injections

Corticosteroids are hormones that help decrease inflammation. They are injected into the skin, joints and other body parts to treat a myriad of disorders.

Another purpose that they can serve is to reduce the swelling of scars. Multiple treatments are usually needed, but if the scar is not that pronounced, one treatment may be enough.

Don’t Stretch the Scar

Just like your skin, a scar will extend when stretched. The majority of people who have their moles removed cannot help but play with their scars, and the play will undoubtedly involve stretching the skin around the scar.

Stretching the scar will not only enlarge it but it will also elongate its healing time. You should put reminders in your home after mole surgery to remind you not to touch or stretch the scar.