Testosterone is the substance within the human body that allows people to develop muscles as well as some secondary characteristics. These characteristics include the development of the voice box, especially for males so that they’ll have deeper voices. Women also rely on some testosterone for normal body processes, though not to the degree that men do.

However, some people may find that their testosterone levels decrease as they get older, leading to some side effects, such as lower energy levels and loss of sex drive.

If you want to raise your testosterone levels in natural ways, then this article is for you.

Why You Need To Normalize Your Testosterone Levels

Even if you’re already approaching your twilight years, you need to have normal testosterone levels so that your body can function well. This is because testosterone is important for:

  • Reducing the risk of acquiring diseases
  • Maintaining muscle tone for body structure
  • Maintaining a normal sex drive

The decrease in testosterone actually starts in mid-life – somewhere between  the ages of 30 to 40. Since it’s important to sustain normal testosterone levels, don’t put off consulting your doctor on what you should do to raise your testosterone safely and naturally.

Natural Ways To Increase Your Testosterone Levels

As a quick guide, here’s how to naturally increase your testosterone levels:

  • Exercise Regularly: Men and women in their senior years can actually boost their testosterone by exercising on a regular basis. Interval training and lifting weights has been found to be crucial for raising testosterone levels.
  • Get Sufficient Rest: Getting adequate sleep is as important as exercising. This is because if you maintain a regular sleep schedule, you’ll be able to exercise more regularly since the body would be getting enough rest.

If you find that getting eight hours of sleep is difficult, you should ask your doctor if you need a sleep aid.

  • Monitor Your Caffeine Intake: You may be surprised to know that caffeine is actually good for raising testosterone levels. However, that doesn’t mean guzzling a lot of coffee down. You still have to monitor your caffeine intake so that you don’t wind up worsening any insomnia that you may be experiencing.
  • Monitor Your Diet: Although fasting is considered a no-no when it comes to raising testosterone levels, overeating will also have unintended consequences. Hence, you’ll need to check how much protein, carbohydrates, and fat you’re consuming. This means that some calorie counting is in order, too. If necessary, consult a nutritionist to design a suitable diet for someone with your age and activity levels.
  • Avoid Stress: One way of boosting your testosterone levels in a natural way is to reduce the overwhelming amount of stress that you experience, especially if you’re still working for a living.

Stress induces the release of cortisol, which has been found to reduce testosterone levels. You may consult your doctor about what activities you should engage in to reduce your stress levels.

  • Lose Surplus Weight: One side effect of lower testosterone levels is obesity, which is understandable because many people avoid exercise or can’t exercise for personal reasons. If you would like to boost your testosterone, you should shed that excess weight.
  • Take Supplements When Necessary: If your testosterone levels are really far too low, you may need some supplements. However, it is important to consult your doctor first before taking any supplements, especially if these contain additional testosterone, to avoid any possibility of an overdose.

One supplement that is crucial is Vitamin D, which your body naturally produces when you’re exposed to moderate amounts of sunlight. If you tend to stay indoors and not get sufficient sunlight, you may need to take a supplement of Vitamin D so that your testosterone levels can be raised.

You could check out this list from ourfitness.life to see what other supplements would be good for you.

  • Avoid Illegal Drugs And Liquor: Aside from having other detrimental effects on your health, these substances have been found to reduce testosterone levels.
  • Sustain A Healthy Sex Life – You might agree that having enough sex with your partner may actually help keep your testosterone levels adequate too. Problems arise when your sex life declines. One problem that you may then experience is infertility.

Final Takeaway

Many people are interested in finding out ways to increase their testosterone levels naturally. This is a good approach to take, as opposed to trying dangerous testosterone treatments. If your doctor recommends taking a natural approach to raising your testosterone, present the detailed list above and ask for their advice on any other steps you should take to ensure that your testosterone will always be at healthy levels throughout your life.

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