After decades of global stigmatization, the general attitude towards cannabis is finally changing as an increasing number of people become aware of the medicinal and recreational benefits it offers. Chemical compounds in cannabis known as cannabinoids, which providing relief of chronic pain due to their chemical makeup. Which is why products such as medical cannabis is commonly used for chronic pain relief. As the attitude towards cannabis changes, a growing number of countries are either considering its legalization or have legalized it all together.

With these legalizations, regulations have been introduced into the market, which is growing at a higher rate than ever. In Canada, non-medicinal cannabis was legalized in 2018, and since then, more than 400 brick-and-mortar stores have popped up with the total sale of marijuana in retail and online stores hitting over $900 million. 

Cannabis is a plant that is still considered as dangerous as LSD or heroin by many governments in the world. Thus its legalization and availability can be a real cause of excitement for first-time-users, and the process of purchasing cannabis from a dispensary can be an intimidating one. 

On the other hand, the legalization of CBD oil Canada-wide has led to general acceptance due to its medicinal benefits. From treating chronic pain to potentially helping manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety, CBD oil is gaining traction due to its ability to treat various ailments.

Regardless of whether you are looking to buy marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, the dispensary you choose should meet your needs. Here are six important things you should know and consider before choosing a cannabis dispensary:

The variety of the strains

Cannabis has different types of strains, and hundreds of these types are available in the market. There are pure strains, and then there are hybrid strains. Strains of cannabis are normally categorised according to their terpenes, which are the aromatic oils responsible for giving off different tastes and smells. 

Each strain of cannabis has a different type of high, and while you may find some strains unpleasant, you might find other strains perfectly match your requirements. 

Due to this reason, you need to find a cannabis dispensary that has a wide variety of the different types of strains of cannabis. If a cannabis dispensary has a limited number of strains available, there are chances that you might not find a single strain that is suitable for your needs, and thus you will not find anything you need. 

Many good cannabis dispensaries provide detailed menus of the products available on their websites, and you can study them before going to the dispensary to save your time. Buying cannabis from an online dispensary has the advantage of a wide variety of cannabis, often more than a brick and mortar store offers. 

Different products

Cannabis can be consumed in more than one way, and a good cannabis dispensary should be selling marijuana in different forms and the other accessory products with it. For instance, cannabis comes in the form of traditional leaves, cannabis oil, hashish, shatter, and wax, among different types. 

Apart from cannabis, dispensaries also sell accessory products such as vaporizers, bowls, storage cases, etc. Thus it is better to go to a dispensary that offers different products you require under the same roof, and most dispensaries list the products they sell on their websites. So if you want to buy some accessory products along with cannabis, you should go to a dispensary that sells both. 

Health and safety standards

Anything that goes into your body after being consumed should have the highest standards of health and safety. Substandard products can create health complications, and that is a risk that can be easily avoided. When choosing a cannabis dispensary, you should make sure that the supplier of the plant maintains the highest levels of health and safety when they manufacture the plant. 

A legitimate cannabis dispensary will highlight these features themselves and will make sure that the information regarding the health and safety standards is visible, whether it is in the store or their website. 

Apart from the manufacturing process, the dispensary itself should also upkeep the highest levels of health and safety, as it is the place where cannabis is stored. Before choosing a dispensary, you should conduct online research about the manufacturing and sourcing of the plant by the specific dispensary.


Gaining a license to open a dispensary requires many checks and requirements to be fulfilled. Thus, a license ensures that the dispensary is following the minimum standards and specific procedures that have been deemed necessary by authorities. 

This means that a certain level of quality will be provided when you shop from the dispensary. A license also ensures the manufacturing and distribution of the plant have met minimum standards, ensuring a quality product. 

If the dispensary you want to purchase from is an online dispensary, you will be able to find the license on its website if it has one, and if it is a store, they will show you the license if you demand it. Therefore before choosing a dispensary, you should make sure they have the permission to sell cannabis.  

Consumer reviews

Consumer reviews provide an excellent insight into the past experiences the consumers have had with the cannabis dispensary, and give a good insight into the quality and customer service standards of the dispensary. Most dispensaries provide these reviews on their websites, but you can also check out third-party forums for more unbiased reviews. 

Online dispensaries

Canada has witnessed an increase in online dispensaries, which are a great alternative if going to a brick and mortar dispensary is an inconvenient or intimidating experience for you. Due to this increased competition online, online dispensaries offer a wide variety of products, better prices, and excellent service. 

You can also read the customer reviews on their websites to identify the best online dispensaries. These online dispensaries offer everything from cannabis oil to hashish, to traditional leaves, to the accessory products, and all that from the convenience of your home. Thus if you want to save time and money, you can also try an online dispensary instead of a traditional one. 

Whether you are a regular and an experienced or first-time cannabis user, the first step to an excellent cannabis experience is finding the right cannabis dispensary. This article discusses some essential facts that you need to consider before choosing the right dispensary that will help you find the dispensary that is best suited to your needs.