How Prostate Problems Inflict Mental Trauma

The prostate gland is an extremely important component of male reproductive system which tends to grow in size with natural ageing. An enlarged prostate can inflict several health issues which can even cause mental trauma when left untreated for long. Today we are going to take a look at the ways in which prostrate troubles can hamper your mental solitude:

  • One of the biggest symptoms of having an enlarged prostate gland is the urge for frequent urination. Although it might not seem a very troublesome initially, you might have to end up red-faced if you need to use the washroom every now and then between an important seminar. And the worst part is, colleagues usually fail to understand the seriousness of the scenario and harass their physically drained peer. This simply adds up to the level of his already aggravated mental trauma and ultimately leads to a significant fall in the level of confidence.
  • Nocturia or the urge to urinate at night can also hamper a peaceful night’s sleep as you need to get up every now and then to empty your bladder. This also makes you feel exhausted the next day and refrains you from delivering your best whether at personal or professional front. Inadequate night’s sleep can also make you feel grumpy the next day and also distance your friends as you keep on snapping back at them over minor issues.
  • Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence is another common symptom of having an enlarged prostate. This can be devastating for a man as it lands a massive blow to his self-confidence. Over time, it tends to undermine the relationship as partners seek out greener pastures. Even when the wife is supportive of a chronically ill husband, the latter might experience profound guilt.
  • Prostate problems are also associated with painful ejaculations where it becomes difficult for men to enjoy the true flavor of intercourse. Afterall they keep on thinking about the throbbing sensation which is accompanied during the climax scene and this refrains them from being sexually active with their partners.
  • Last but not the least, an enlarged prostate gland can enhance your urinary urgency. At times it might become impossible to hold the same before visiting a lavatory.

While most of the problems mentioned above can be cured with timely medical counselling, men refrain from doing the same due to social taboos. They also do not receive adequate support from friends and family which further worsens the condition.

Role Of Prostaphytol In Curing Prostate Troubles?

If you wish to strengthen your urinary tract and bladder while improving your sex drive along the way, then Prostaphytol can serve as your best bet. These capsules are manufactured using an array of natural ingredients which can keep you completely worry free about harmful side-effects. It constitutes of serenoa repens or saw palmetto which helps in maintaining proper urine function. Another chief ingredient is pomegranate which contains polyphenols known for inducing an anti-inflammatory effect on the prostate’s inner walls. All of these joins hands with turmeric to strengthen our immune system while zinc and Vitamin E prevents oxidative stress damage.

As the polyphenols present in pomegranate attach to the inner walls of our prostate it helps in reducing its size with time and usage. Once the prostate returns back to its normal form, you are bound to experience relief from all of its associated symptoms be it lack of sexual drive or frequent urination. Various people using Prostaphytol have reported normal urination within just a couple of weeks. Such attributes make it the best alternative to painful surgical procedures.