Section 1: Introduction 

A barbeque party, especially in summers, is what everyone loves to have. It becomes more memorable when you have your friends, as well as family, invited too. Though organizing a party can be easy, but cooking a perfect barbeque can be challenging. There are various factors that you must keep in mind while making a barbeque. There are various instances where a party was ruined just due to the lack of great barbeque. Don’t worry. We are here to help you out with that. With our research, knowledge, and experience, we have gathered the most important tips for a barbeque party. Let’s head straight with them. 

Section 2: Basics

2.1 Perfect meat

It is very important to select a slice of high-quality meat for your barbeque. There are many things that you must look at a slice of meat. However, you must make sure that the meat is not plumped. Yes, you can easily identify a plumped meat based on its weight. It is also recommended to select a slice of meat from the most reputed brands in the market. This will simplify your search for the best meat. 

2.2 Avoid ready-made stuff

Since this party will be a memorable moment in your life. You must make sure that all the items are fresh and home-made. Ready-made food in the market does not have the same taste like the ones made at home. For example, it is recommended to buy fruits as well as vegetables for salads. Try to make a salad by yourself, instead of buying a ready-made salad. This will add many points to the taste of your menu. You can even try to make the sauces at home. Of course, it is not mandatory as salad, but it can be done for a better experience. 

2.3 Add drinks

Drinks are a great way to welcome guests to your party. They are a great part of having a deep and meaning full conversation. Since your guest will consist of different age groups, it is highly recommended to have a variety of drinks. If we talk about children, they surely love sweet and cold drinks. So, you can select some lemon-flavored, or orange-flavored drink for them. You can even make drinks for children by yourself. There are various recipes available online that are loved by children. Now, there will be people of your age; you might want to try out drinks like beer. However, it completely depends on you. You can even offer a wide variety of drinks. It is always recommended to have hot as well as cold drinks for your guests. Maybe someone in your guests has a sour throat. Thus, hot drinks will be beneficial in those conditions. 

2.4 Desserts

No person on this planet could refuse desserts after meals. The same goes for your barbeque party. After enjoying the main course, offering deserts will multiple the fun my hundred times. However, it is highly recommended to select a light dessert. Yes, don’t go for heavy desserts like cake. Why? Well, you just had a barbeque, your stomach is already full. Thus, having a heavy dessert will lead to a feeling of overeating. Thus, try to select desserts like chocolate or fruit juice. 

2.5 Use the correct smoker and technique

The type of smoker you use changes the taste by a huge margin. However, we cannot say that any smoker in the world is best. Each smoker has its advantages as well as disadvantages. You must use a smoker that meets your expectations. Maybe you are looking for a juicy barbeque. Try to use gas smoker, but they are usually expensive and difficult to use. Maybe you want to spend time with the guests, instead of spending the whole time making the barbeque. If yes, then you should surely try electric smokers. They offer automatic cooking and are easy to use. It is also recommended to follow a recipe while making a barbeque. This will help you to get the perfect taste. 

Section 3: Techniques/Tips to Improve

Now you are aware of the basic things that you must have to organize a healthy party. However, if you are willing to make it great, and want to take it to the next level, then here are some more tips. 

Section 3.1 Add some activities 

The main purpose of a party is to have fun and enjoy food. You already know about the ways to make the food enjoyable. It is highly recommended to add activities to your party. Maybe you can try some competition among the guest like singing competitions, dancing competitions. You can even play some music in the background. Make sure that the music is light and consists of only instruments. Yes, don’t play music with lyrics. This will surely improve the quality of your party. 

Section 4: Correcting common problems

4.1 How much to buy?

It is always recommended to buy a little extra of every material. You don’t know when you are going to need it. Be it smoker’s fuel, meat, drinks, utensils, or any other thing. How much extra? Well, an example would be enough to explain. If you require four bags of wooden chips, then buy one extra. This will come in handy in case of an emergency. 

4.2 Meat is raw from the inside? 

This is a common problem that you are likely to face if you are cooking for the first time. The best solution is to use a thermometer. Keep a check on the temperature of the meat. Cook it until the temperature is consistent throughout the meat.

Section 5: Analysis of best practices in the industry

  • Always soak the meat for hours before preparation
  • Keep the flame in control, and at the perfect temperature
  • Cook each side for the same amount of time
  • Apply sauce before serving
  • Add lots of grilled vegetables
  • Use the correct types of wooden chips
  • Do not soak the wood chips

Section 6: Tools you can use

  • Gloves
  • Fire extinguisher (If you have a gas smoker)
  • Utensils
  • Aluminum foil