When you ask anyone about breast cosmetic surgery, the first thing most of them tend to mention is the breast implants. The reason behind this is that breast augmentation surgery is prevalent around the globe, not just in Singapore. As per one of the statistics firms, more than 1,600,000 operations took place in the world in 2016. However, nowadays, even breast reduction surgery is also quite common, particularly among women with large breasts who feel embarrassed or shy because of this body feature.

If you opt for this treatment, you can have your reasons in place. Anyway, if you go for breast reduction surgery in WC Ong Plastic Surgery clinic, you will probably learn about the multiple aspects of this that you may not have realized earlier. Let’s quickly get into them.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgical Bust Enhancement Procedure

Women usually choose this type of surgery for two main reasons – either health concerns or cosmetic appearance. Petite women can find their heavy breasts to be a challenge from the perspective of their health. The weight can be overwhelming for their neck, back, and shoulders to bear. As a consequence, they can find it challenging to lead an active lifestyle. Then, oversized breasts can also lead to skin irritation underside and sometimes breathing problems too. Some women can’t even jog properly even after wearing a supporting sports bra due to the utter discomfort.

As far as the cosmetic or aesthetic reasons go, some women tend to be excessively conscious about their breasts’ shape, size, and firmness. Their asymmetrical breasts can bother them. With the help of breast reduction surgery, they can resize and reshape their chest to a comfortable position and feel happy about their personality.

This cosmetic procedure is as such safe and secure. However, the safety of the process doesn’t make it simple. The only thing is you need to find out a trusted and experienced surgeon in Singapore for this job to experience its actual benefits.

A Bit about the Breast Reduction Surgical Bust Enhancement Procedure

As mentioned, breast reduction is a surgical process that removes excess skin and fat. A doctor has to reposition the nipple and areolar, along with realigning the breast tissue to lift the breasts.

For this surgery, you need to get hospitalized. A surgeon would induce anesthesia to perform surgery on your body. Usually, it requires two weeks to heal. But you can go back to the office after one or two weeks. It is just that you cannot do any heavy work in the first four to six months to ensure a better and safe recovery.

If you are bothered about oversized breasts either because they are causing health challenges or spoiling your overall look, you can visit a trusted clinic to get help in this area. Only reliable and licensed surgeons can offer you the best results. So to enjoy perfect shape and size, you should choose one of the well-known surgeons from your city. You can ask your doctor as many doubts or questions you have about this therapy before going ahead.