First of all, we must mention that when you use a rowing machine correctly you will enjoy several positive points. In a few weeks, you will be able to check the before and after. You just need a good indoor rowing machine and start enjoying a better quality of life.

Therefore, to get the best results you must follow the following 10 key items. 

  1. Sit correctly in the seat: Before starting you must prepare yourself mentally for the next exercise. You should then sit on your rowing machine keeping your spine as straight as possible. 

    Also, the hips should not fall below the shoulders. In this case, it is the correct initial posture which will allow you to perform the exercises properly.

  1. The position of the feet: Once you have achieved the correct posture of your spine you will have to worry about your feet. Although when placing your feet on the machine you should not lose the initial posture. 

    Simply place each of your feet on the footrest. Also, be sure to hold your feet gently using the straps. In a proper and correct position, you should be able to move your legs comfortably.

  1. Using the handle: Once the previous steps have been carried out, you can continue holding the handle. Note that it is not necessary to force the handle, you should only take it gently. From that moment on, you are ready to continue with the following steps
  1. Arm Isolation: Before you begin this point, you must angle your torso at a 45 ° angle. This way you can pull the machine handle towards your chest. 

    After that, you should gradually bend your elbows so that the handle reaches your chest gently. After the handle touches your chest, you should allow it to return to its original position. Finally, repeat this procedure for a few minutes.

  1. Extending your arms: This is another common exercise on a rowing machine. You must first expand the arms of the chest. Then at a 45 ° angle, you should tilt your torso in front of you. Lastly, you will need to send your torso forward on your hips as you expand your arms.
  1. Bending the knees: This is another exercise that will allow you to achieve good results. Start by bending your knees until you can reach the starting point. Once this is done you can get your body to the front of the machine. Finally, safely hold the handle to repeat the procedure several times.
  1. Learn the term strokes per minute: When we speak of strokes per minute, we mean the number of times you row in one minute. With which, conveniently, you obtain an amount of 30 oars or less.This is because it is not only about moving your body back and forth, it is also about power.
  1. Divide time efficiently: When talking about fractionation, we want to refer to the time it can take to reach 500 meters. An example of this would be a 1:45 fractionation. In other words, covering 500 meters would take a minute and 45 seconds.
  1. Use a breathing technique: You should inhale when you recover forward. The moment you drive back you should exhale. Also, you should perform this procedure calmly to breathe properly. If you’re having trouble breathing, it may be because it cuts the air when you inhale as you rush forward.
  1. Have fun: You will get better results if you have fun in the process. Focusing on your progress day after day is a good idea. Don’t worry about mistakes as they can be corrected over time.


 Does the rowing machine work your abs?

Professionals in the field ensure that excellent results can be obtained for the abdominals with a rowing machine. Each exercise produces a contraction of the muscles in the area. Also, you can burn fat and calories throughout your body. 

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine? 

No specific exercise can burn only belly fat, even with a rowing machine. When exercising, fat loss occurs throughout the body. However, you can burn a large number of calories in a rowing machine. 

Can I row every day?

If you are a beginner, rowing machines should be used only three times a week. Besides, between training days you should leave a day off. In this way, your body will recover efficiently. 

Is rowing as good as running?

While a rowing machine is not as well-known as a treadmill, it can offer additional benefits. It is one of the best alternatives for a training program. With the rowing machine, you will be able to strengthen your heart, burn calories, and work your entire body simultaneously. 

Is rowing or walking better?

Both options are generally great as cardiovascular exercises. For one thing, the rowing machine will allow you to work your upper and lower body at the same time. On a treadmill, you will only be exercising your lower body. Another fun fact to know that cardio can also help to grow your hair

Final Words

Finally, we can conclude this article by mentioning that by following these tips you will get excellent results. You can also learn about different ways to use the classic rowing machine. In other words, you will be able to work your abs more effectively. 

Additionally, you will be able to burn calories and fats from your entire body in a better way.