If you’re in business, you’ve heard of API. But do you know what those three letters mean? It’s alright if you aren’t entirely sure because you’re not the only one. The positive side is that there’s no real reason to comprehend the intricacies of the code. Providers of SaaS want to keep their customers satisfied, even if it means metaphorically moving mountains! Many APIs are intuitive and integrate with existing software in a way that makes things comfortable for all.

API stands for Application Program Interface, but that in itself doesn’t explain much. In basic terms, an API is a connector between two separate businesses. It is like a code-based phone line that allows businesses to understand and communicate with each other. Neither company requires the API to survive, but its integration makes it much more appealing to customers. It also saves time and money!

All this means that successful APIs are a win thrice over for both businesses and clients. Specifically aimed at small and mid-level enterprises without their in-house developers, here are four critical things to know before you implement your API.

1. Don’t worry – coding doesn’t have to be your job.

If you are using an API company, it’s as simple as watching a tutorial and following instructions. After all, your API company wants everything user-friendly, both for you and your clients. The most technical it gets is e-mailing screenshots in case of emergency troubleshooting.

Even when you are integrating your service with a large vendor, most of the work is already completed on your behalf. SaaS companies, for the most part, offer their API libraries, samples, and cases for free and easily accessible by the public.

eSign Genie is built API-first. This way, companies can embed the eSign Genie templates, or any other contract execution workflow with e-signature capability into their website or application.

2. Most of the excess functionalities are free!

Going from scratch takes time, effort, and money – so why bother if the technology already exists without costing you anything? You don’t need to buy a cloud service when you can simply use an existing one. Maps are already available and regularly used online – so why would you need to create your own?

Small businesses, in particular, don’t have the resources to create these things by themselves. Linking your API with different existing software is usually quick and allows smart combinations. This means more money, less time, and faster deals! eSign API connects your business tools to automate your workflow.

eSign Genie can easily integrate with the most popular CRMs and application solutions available in the market today. Google Drive, Dropbox, Mail Chimp and Salesforce are just a few of the possible eSign Genie Integrations

3. Saving time and boosting sales can happen simultaneously with an API

The whole point of an API is to reduce how much you need to do to conduct your daily business. For example, an API will allow you to log into one app or do everything on one browser tab.

The same goes for e-Sign Genie! For example, you can accelerate the sales cycle by connecting eSign Genie to Salesforce or Zoho CRM. It only takes a few minutes, and you will not need a single line of code.

Another feature of an adequately integrated e-signature software like eSign Genie will allow you to request signatures and forms without leaving cloud functionality.

4. Don’t worry: It’s a phone line, not a two-way mirror

APIs have advanced security software tools to help protect your data, even from the companies you are sharing. This protection includes two-factor authentication, inactivity timeouts, and other standard essential features. Support will also be available to clear up any security concerns, usually directly by the API.

As with every eSign documents, we will store every signature captured through the API in our secure infrastructure and encrypted at rest

Fitness trackers, rideshare programs, and numerous other systems actively incorporate API to give the best service possible. Don’t lose out – make sure your business has the same advantages!