Everyone wants to have a slim figure. Most of us strive to achieve the perfect look and, unfortunately, not all of us succeed. What could the explanation be? It seems that some people have a hard time losing weight. Try as they might, they don’t shed those extra pounds. The scale simply refuses to budge. Is it because they don’t eat breakfast? Maybe. If you skip on the most important meal of the day, you risk gaining weight. You’re tempted to snack more during the day, which isn’t good for your figure or wellbeing. 

What about you? You carefully watch your carbs and calories, make sure to eat enough protein, and exercise on a regular basis, but still nothing. You’ve lost a little bit of weight in the beginning, yet now it’s a completely different story. Well, several factors impact your ability to lose weight. If you’re curious to find out more, please continue reading. 

Factors that can make the weight loss journey extremely difficult

There are staggering differences between individuals, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that weight loss is harder for some people. Let’s take a close look at the things that affect your weight loss. 


As you grow older, it’s harder to lose weight. Your metabolism slows down and doesn’t perform its functions anymore. Metabolism is the one responsible for transforming food into energy. If there’s a medical problem slowing down the metabolism, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism, weight gain is likely. What is more, lipid turnover in the fat tissue decreases, meaning it’s easier to gain weight. 

Family genes

Researchers have reached the conclusion that food affects people differently depending on factors like age or body mass index. The food or the quantity of food doesn’t matter because our bodies respond differently. Someone can eat junk food in mass quantities and not put on even a single pound, while others can work out five days a week and get no visible results. Genes impact your ability to lose weight. So, no matter what you do, you won’t lose weight.  

Sleep and hormones

If you don’t get enough Z’s at night, you risk hindering your weight loss progress. You’ll find yourself reaching for excessive amounts of food to get the necessary fuel. The less sleep you get, the less likely you’re to store fat and take in more calories. Hunger is controlled by the hormones that respond to sleep cues: leptin and ghrelin. Dietary supplements such as Leptitox can come in handy because they regulate the levels of leptin hormones, which is responsible for the production of fat in the body. Get at least seven hours of quality sleep and do everything possible to improve your leptin resistance. 

If you find it impossible to lose weight, this will certainly help

More often than not, weight loss isn’t easy. It takes a great deal of effort and failure can occur despite your low calorie intake. If your goal is to lose weight, but you’re not making any progress, some changes are required. No matter the cause of your problem, there’s something you can do about it. Since your health comes first, start a custom weight loss program. The dietary program should be focused on the route of the problem. 

Given that folks lose weight at different rates, you need a weight loss plan specially adapted to your needs. Diets aren’t the best thing for people who suffer from certain medical conditions or who have tried and failed. Weight loss should be tailored to your needs. The plan can make the difference between gaining the weight back and keeping it off forever. 

The custom weight loss program begins with a complete medical review and health history. A certified professional will take note of your current condition, the food you consume, and how much you work out. The strategy will be based on your body’s specific needs, the data providing the health care professional and their team the info they need to come up with a plan suited to you as an individual. You should be able to indulge in your favorite foods and snacks. 

If you’re the type of person that wakes up with the birds or you like to get a late start, the weight loss plan will help you achieve your goals. You can feel confident in your progress and your health as well. At first, you’ll be completely overwhelmed by the situation. Perhaps you’ll find it difficult to consume only some types of foods. Or perhaps you’ll think that the program is too strict. With time, you’ll get used to it all. You can be sure that you’ll obtain healthy results and enjoy optimal health for years to come. 

There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of

Are you ashamed of your own body? Well, it’s hard, if not impossible, to feel good in your own skin if you don’t have the perfect figure. Society won’t accept anything less, so people feel obliged to comply. If you ever feel like you want to stop dieting and exercising, stop and think a minute. Is it really worth it? You’re close to reaching your ideal weight and it’s not a good idea to stop right now. You haven’t felt the backlash that overweight and obese people feel, so there’s no reason to complain. 

If you have a few extra pounds, that’s perfectly fine. There are many ways in which you can make yourself mentally stronger. Focus your attention on building self-confidence and stop thinking too much about the negatives. If you don’t manage to control negative emotions, you won’t get the desired results. Also, you’ll have your mind set on the things you can’t achieve. 

Last but not least, remember that perfection isn’t compulsory. The bespoke weight loss plan will help you become slimmer, but the result might not be close to perfection. Learn to appreciate what you have and stop giving yourself a hard time. This is the secret to living a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.