Not only does a good smile make you feel more confident, but it also shows that you care about your appearance and looking after yourself. Continue reading for our top tips to help you achieve the perfect smile.

Put the right things in your mouth

Eating too much food which is high in sugar can impact negatively on the appearance and strength of your teeth. Likewise, too many sugary drinks, such as coke and lemonade, can lead to similar problems. As well as considering the sugar content of the things you put in your mouth, you should also consider the color. Drinks such as coffee, orange juice and red wine can stain your teeth. These stubborn stains can be removed, but it is perhaps easier to avoid it happening in the first place.

Use the right toothpaste, toothbrush and floss

Have you ever used a toothbrush that leaves your teeth feeling slightly furry even after sufficient brushing? This is probably a low-quality toothbrush or a sign that you need to replace it. Choosing the right one for your teeth can sometimes be a minefield. Speak to a professional who can recommend one for you. If in doubt, splashing out on an electric toothbrush is usually a good buy. They can help you reach places which are challenging with a manual brush, and the oscillating head gives a good clean. As well as choosing the right toothbrush for your mouth, investing in a decent toothpaste and floss is imperative.

Visit the dentist surgery regularly

Making regular appointments at the dentist, and attending them, will prevent unexpected problems from arising. If you do not realize there is a cavity in one of your teeth, leaving it for a longer period can make it more troublesome. Furthermore, having your teeth cleaned professionally often means that plaque is less likely to build up. If treatment is required, speaking to a professional is useful as they will be able to answer questions such as “how are implant supported dentures better than traditional dentures?”, possibly showing you case studies of similar treatment on other patients.

Consider cosmetic dentistry

Although it can be a little costly, cosmetic dentistry can increase your confidence levels by an incredible amount. Going via a proper route is essential as these are the professionals who know the industry inside out and are less likely to dupe you. Furthermore, if problems do arise as a result of your treatment, they will be able to help. Some beauticians offer dental procedures, such as whitening, but their lack of understanding about oral care means that it is not advisable to go down that route. Teeth whitening via a cosmetic dentist will likely result in either a one-day treatment or one you can use yourself at home. A home treatment will often be as the result of having molds of your teeth taken to create well-fitting molds into which you place a small amount of bleaching gel. Straightening crooked teeth can be done by following a similar route and then wearing a brace for a series of months.