Experts opine that one of the main challenges facing mental health patients is stigma, mainly driven by a lack of sufficient information. 

This eventually leads to fewer people visiting a psychologist in spite of increased cases of mental challenges. This notwithstanding, the reasons why people visit a psychologist as varied and far-reaching just as those seeking psychological help.

As a result of insufficient information, many people suppress the need to visit a psychologist, arguing that they don’t necessarily exhibit symptoms of mental challenge. In this article, we highlight common reasons on when and why it’s essential to see a psychologist.

1. Unexpected Change in Moods

It is normal to experience a change in moods. However, in most cases, this can be traced back to either a physical or emotional event. Stress and depression may exhibit in the nature of unexpected changes in moods and inner feelings.

If you notice that you or a person close to you constantly experiences such changes it is time to recommend a visit to the psychologist.

2. When You Experience Harmful Thoughts

This is a common pointer to a serious underlying mental problem. Some people may be open enough to talk about it while others will simply go ahead and act. Harmful thoughts may be expressed in the form of damage to self, other people or even property. Brisbane psychology opines that this is an advanced level of emotional distress whose signs can be altered before it accelerates. 

3. Withdraw

Check out for withdraw from things you enjoyed such as family, hobbies, work and social events. When an individual loses motivation for such activities without a trigger that can’t be explained, then it’s likely they need psychological help. Psychologists are able to uncover what’s happening, even if the individual can’t attach the problem at hand to anything in particular.

4. Sudden Feeling of Isolation and Loneliness.

People battling depression often experience a feeling of isolation, especially when dealing with their experience. They feel that their situation is challenging and their world is crumbling with no one to help. At that point, it is time to visit a psychologist. Sharing your problem with a trained therapist will significantly help alter such feelings and slowly integrate you with normal living.

5. When you need Substance to help You Overcome

Perhaps one of the popular ways of dealing with emotional distress is substance usage. It is a way of suppressing emotionally degrading feelings but it is only short-lived. Whereas this may work for some time, it may eventually become an addiction and aggravate the problem even further. To avoid this, it’s advisable to see a psychologist at the earliest opportunity.

6. Strained Relationships

Stress and depression can lead to strained relationships with family and colleagues. Although relationships can generally be very tasking, they tend to get more strained if one or both parties are depressed.

If you are having trouble sustaining relationships either socially or at work, it is prudent that you visit a psychologist. This will help to identify the underlying problem.

Couples are in a better position to evaluate behavioral and emotional changes in their partners and may offer great help in the process of managing mental health challenges.

7. Insomnia

Lack of sleep is associated with a lot of health problems and can be a helpful indicator in point it out mental health problems. This disruption in sleep can be characterized by either too much sleep or too little. Take note of such changes in your partner and offer the necessary help.

The role of sleep in sustaining proper mental and physical health is key. Although we all experience disrupted sleeping patterns from time to time, it’s important to differentiate between trends that may require the intervention of a psychologist.

8. Poor Performance

Poor performance either at work, school or generally in life may be a pointer that the help of a psychologist is needed.

Such performance either at work or at home could be a pointer to a disturbing mental problem. If someone is registering negative reports at work or school, it is important to evaluate the cause. Stress amongst employees is a major factor causing organizations great losses. Some organizations go to great lengths ensuring that employees work under minimal stress levels. 

On an individual scale, if a person is consistently registering negative results at work, it is essential that they see a psychologist to help point out what the problem could be.


Modern life is challenging and requires a wholesome approach. As a result of the fast-paced nature of life, stress levels are found to increase, therefore raising the need for psychological help. Luckily, through the development of research, psychology today is at a relatively advanced level and therapists are able to give the much-needed help for a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Take advantage of these developments and visit a psychologist at the earliest opportunity.