Is It Possible To Use Fake Pee In A Drug Test?

If you are looking into using fake pee to evade a drug test then you need to understand what the process is for the preparation of the pee and the actual drug test. It is possible using fake pee for drug test but it has to be done in the correct way for it to work. Some brands are better than others and some testing companies screen for fake pee. So, don’t think that just any old method or fake pee will work. You need to be particular about the brand, method, and actual drug test procedures.

What Is Fake Pee?

Fake pee, or synthetic urine, is a powdered substance that contains all of the chemicals that would be included in natural urine. Further, the dry mix, when prepared, should look, smell, and froth just like regular pee. If the point is to pass a drug test then you want the urine to be as similar as possible. Not all brands of synthetic urine equally create the impression of natural urine.

One simple test to determine fake from natural urine is the temperature. Natural urine exists in a small temperature window in the human body, between 96 and 100 degrees. This means you will need to heat the synthetic urine in a microwave or with a heating pad to get it to the right temperature. Some brands include heating crystals in the mixture that activate when prepared.

Where To buy The Best synthetic urine Brands?

Synthetic urine can’t be purchased in Walmart or Costco. It is outlawed in a handful of states for sale as a way to avoid drug tests. Therefore it has to be sold as a novelty or kink item in sex stores and smoke shops. The highest quality brands of synthetic urine are only sold online and can’t be bought in physical stores.

How Do You Prepare Fake Urine For A Drug Test?

If you are using fake pee to evade a drug test then you need to make sure that you prepare the mixture correctly. The steps are simple to understand but can lead to testing failures if done poorly. First, you mix the dry powder in water. Then, you warm up the solution. The easiest way to warm up the solution is in a microwave and tests the temperature with a digital thermometer.

Once the solution has reached the desired temperature you can carry it in a concealed waist bag or a flash. You have to keep the solution warm, which can be accomplished with a hand-warming disposable heat pad.

Your main concern is how the testing is done and what the tests look for. Make sure you know how the testing center performs the tests. Most don’t check your pants or watch you pee. So, strapping a sack in your underwear shouldn’t be a problem. However, certain centers test for biocide a preservative used in fake pee. Make sure your brand doesn’t contain this. Lastly, note that testing centers don’t test pee for gender. These kits will work for any sex.