Many women rely on OB/GYNs to provide optimal care and treatment throughout their adult lives. For others, the choice to visit one of these doctors may have been put off for a variety of reasons, namely fear of doctors or worries about expenses. The functions of Marion Ob/Gyn Inc. extend far past that of a general family doctor. They are specialists that work with the female anatomy and understand the conditions as well as the considerations which are unique to a woman’s body. The doctors also play an important role when the subject of fertility and pregnancy becomes a part of the plan. No matter the hesitation, there are reasons to seek out these specialists that go above and beyond for each case.

Hormonal Issues Need More Care And Guidance

A woman’s life includes major milestones focusing on specific hormonal changes. It all starts in the teens with the first instances of menstruation. At this point, it’s a good idea to set a girl up with a gynecologist to go over proper care and to help her better understand the changes her body is going through. As she becomes sexually active in adulthood, these doctors offer extra care through tests such as the pap smear. The test acts as a source of information about any cancerous cells as well as any other issues related to cervical cancer.

Menopause offers the other part of the hormonal spectrum that covers the end of a woman’s fertility. Under this specialist’s care, a woman can learn what to expect from this part of her life as well as the symptoms to expect. The topic of therapies will also come up as part of the conversation. While this may be an option for some, others might not feel this is the right choice for them; in both cases, an OB/GYN can decide what is the right course of treatment.

Pregnancy and Contraception

Pregnancy is the perfect opportunity to find an OB/GYN. If possible, finding and establishing the doctor before getting pregnant can be helpful later on. A doctor in this category helps with creating a prenatal plan that encourages the best and most healthy solutions before getting pregnant and later on as the pregnancy progresses.

If pregnancy is not something on a woman’s mind, the doctor can offer contraceptive solutions that match health issues as well as other considerations. Pills are a common choice among birth control but it can extend to IUDs or more permanent solutions. IUDs are inserted in the doctor’s office and is considered an invasive procedure that includes local anesthetic to relieve possible pain. It wears off quickly and the IUD itself stays in place for years. It can also be removed at any time should the patient want it.

A specialist is key to finding, diagnosing, and treating certain conditions. When it comes to the unique conditions and circumstances that happen to women each day, an OB/GYN is the best choice. Their experience in the field makes this a safe and responsible choice for women in all stages of life.