Wellness is more than just physical health; it covers every part of life. There are so many facets that people use to make a happy, full, and quality life. Considering optimal wellness often means a deep dive into all aspects outside of the usual consideration. It’s a long list that includes emotional, environmental, intellectual, financial, occupational, physical, spiritual, and social areas. Addressing even one with Seema Chaudhary MD could improve any lifestyle.


Emotional wellness affects all areas of a person’s life; for someone to be emotionally well they need to have self-care that covers relaxing and ending stress. A focus needs to be on positive feelings and learning how to handle those that are not with a healthy attitude. Physical health can be impacted by negative emotions and understanding their power is crucial to care. Being optimistic, grateful, and aware are keys to allowing for a change towards better emotional health.


With environmental wellness, there is an appreciation of the world around us. It means co-existing and working to save the Earth with responsible methods. This caring comes from an awareness of the environment and changes that need to be made to help create stability. Learning conservation and recycling habits is important, but every person must look at their own impact as an individual.


Intellectual wellness uses the mental capacity to improve lives and this type of wellness can grow through learning, skills, hobbies or even interaction with others. It allows someone to seek out new and interesting people, places and situations that improve mental acuity; keep listening to the world around and be open-minded while continuing to grow.


A person’s financial wellness plays an important part in their life; if there are financial problems there is stress. This category of life affects emotional as well as physical health as people deal with coinciding stress. Having a plan that will promote good financial health takes away a lot of the worries, staying organized and balanced to keep a good attitude.


The occupation that someone has chosen can make them feel fulfilled in their lives; there are other times when an occupation is not working out and a change could be needed. From time to time, it may be a good idea to look at an occupation and see whether or not it is creating the sought after benefits. These benefits are financial, emotional, and intellectual in addition to establishing goals going forward.


Physical wellness encompasses care for the body. This can be through nutrition or exercise and it is vital to strengthen the body. Exercise helps keep the bones and muscles strong as well as helps with mobility. A standard regimen of cardio and weights can be done for as little as 30 minutes a day. Good health is achieved through eating a good diet; the right foods provide the body with what it needs to operate at its best.


The spiritual part of a person’s life is where they gain meaning; it can cover things from religious beliefs to values. This part of life brings stability while allowing someone to look at themselves more deeply and what they connect with. One aspect, Mediation, is part of spirituality and could be the source of more peace in life.


Social is all about how everyone connects with everyone else. The relationships around us are important to all areas of our lives; supporting others and having their support enhances lives. It is as easy as reaching out and making that connection to the world.