Many kids and adults are deprived of the beautiful smile that builds a strong friendship they all long for. They are bothered with their crooked front teeth which are glaring on their photos or when they talk. What can I do? That’s a common question asked by many faced with the challenges.

Patients need to have options to choose from to manage their teeth straightening options targeted at straightening crooked teeth and correcting misaligned jaws.

Dental treatment options have evolved over the years from the use of braces towards providing affordable cheaper alternatives in teeth straightening treatments, like Invisalign. Now there might be an ever cheaper alternative to Invisalign suitable for all age groups. Brands like SmileLove, CandidCo and SmileDirect all strive to provide a suitable replacement. 

How can I straighten my teeth without using braces?

There are several orthodontics treatments available now. They are created as the best alternatives to braces. This helps patients to get on with their lives easily without obstruction braces usually cause. It helps improve their confidence in their daily activities.

Does my age limit the type of treatment I can get?

Well, age has a role to play in treatments however, the goal of each treatment at a different age range differs. For a younger age group, the goal is often to create space to allow impacted teeth to emerge. This is focused on increasing the size of a jaw hence allowing teeth to emerge straighter.

What are the common problems you can correct without braces?

Limited overcrowding: when you have crooked teeth due to minor overcrowding, some retainers can help.

Malocclusion: there might be a need to correct bite out of alignment with the focus on adjusting the position of the jaw to achieve the proper alignment.

Underdeveloped palate or narrow the upper jaw: underdeveloped palate or jaw causes a lot of eruption and alignment problems which eventually leads to aesthetic issues later on. This can be corrected with the use of expanders to help widen the palate and move the jaw to the normal position.

The commonly available teeth straightening options

The most common teeth straightening options are traditional metal braces, lingual braces, and ceramic braces. Traditional metal braces are the oldest which offers excellent alignment and correction for patients. It has been available for decades and provides good results although bulky. It mainly works by the application of pressure to achieve movement or alignment. The lingual braces are similar to the traditional metal braces and work similarly. The major difference is the location which is on the inner aspect of the tooth hence making it less noticeable to wearers.

The ceramic braces are also effective in correcting misalignment and crooked teeth. They are made to be tooth-coloured hence might need extra care to ensure both the brace and oral are kept clean. They will help return your smile and give you that long time desire to enhance your smile.

Cheaper alternatives for older patients

There are several reasons adult’s lookout for better alternatives or cheaper alternatives. The cosmetic implication on their image is one of such consideration. The burden or convenience and time of use are also considered to be a factor why people seek for alternatives. The cost implication is like the main consideration. Several well-designed cheaper alternatives are now available.


Rapid Smiles: are options available for patients to straighten their teeth within a short period (10-12 weeks) of treatment. This involves the use of combined clear brackets and lingual braces.

Invisalign: a popular option for straightening teeth among adults. These are aligners that are designed to fit over the front of teeth. It’s a type of plastic that is transparent hence makes it invisible. You have to remove it before eating and drinking. Not difficult to clean hence helps maintain good oral hygiene. They are dispensed in the form of boxes of aligners. Each set is changed to another after two weeks.

To offer effective treatment, it must be worn for 22 hours per day hence adults comply with this more. Invisalign thus offers adults a better tooth straightening option without braces.

They’re also cheaper alternatives to the Invisalign aligners. They include the Candid Co, SmileLove, Byte, and Smile Direct Club.

They are cheaper compared to Invisalign in terms of cost and packages. There are several other associated benefits you gain choosing from the options.

We understand that everyone’s need differs with the peculiarities of the tooth or jaw alignment problems. Each product has its benefits and limitations. The outlined cheaper alternatives are direct to consumer treatment options which offer the same effectiveness as that of the in-office treatments. You need to ensure your choice and reviews are guided by the dental professional. Take that step to learn more about straightening your teeth to get your dream smile.