With the many seemingly miraculous health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), a lot of people would want to try this gift of nature. And yet, many are reluctant due to the potential legal consequences.

So, is CBD legal In Europe? 

In this article, you will learn the answer to this question and more related information. 

CBD Legality In Europe

When it comes to CBD legality, there is no general consensus among European countries. As a result, the laws can differ from one country to another. This is true even if the two countries share a border. 

Having said that, Europe is still one of the most liberal entities when it comes to the legalization of CBD, marijuana, and cannabis. 

Locals and tourists are free to enjoy marijuana in the Netherlands’ coffee shops. The same can also be said for the members of Spain’s social clubs. Recently, the Czech Republic has decriminalized the possession and use of cannabis. In fact, it’s perfectly legal to cultivate cannabis for personal use in some parts of Europe. 

When it comes to CBD, most European countries are even more relaxed. The only exception is Slovakia. 

Slovakia is the only European country that criminalizes CBD. 

For many parts of Europe, you can easily buy CBD. In fact, the industrial hemp is abundantly grown all over Europe for the production of CBD products. 

In Italy, CBD is somewhat in the gray area. This is mainly due to the fluctuating laws when it comes to the subject of hemp and its derivative products. In the recent past, hemp was legal. However, the current government overturned the ruling, putting hemp in the illegal territory. 

Despite that, many cannabis products are still being sold in shops in Italy. One major reason for this is because the government never issued an instruction to close down businesses that sell such kinds of products. At the moment, Italy’s ruling with regards to CBD is confusing. 

Aside from Italy and Slovakia, locals and tourists can freely use and enjoy the benefits of cannabis products. 

CBD Products Are Not All The Same In Europe

Keep in mind that not all CBD products are treated as equally in Europe. According to EU regulations, some CBD products are heavily regulated compared to others. Furthermore, different rulings are in effect in different countries. As an example, the EU released a “guidance” since 2019 that states CBD products are to be considered as “novel foods.” And because of such, it can take up to three years for novel foods (which is a category that CBD falls under) to be approved. Such a “guidance” is creating some friction with countries that are already selling CBD legally. 

In the Netherlands, selling isolated CBD is considered illegal. However, CBD and THC products are legal. This means that you can buy THC and CBD products with no legal consequence, but no legal shop in the Netherlands will sell you CBD isolates. Ironically, it’s legal to manufacture CBD isolates in the country. In fact, it’s common for Dutch companies to sell their CBD isolates to other parts of the world. CBD isolates are vital ingredients for the creation of CBD oil and vape juices. 

On the other hand, in Czechia, Switzerland, and Italy (to some degree), it’s legal for shops to sell CBD isolates. 

The CBD Market Of EU Is Booming

Europe’s cannabis market is responsible for 31% of the world’s total cannabis production. Nowadays, 90,000 acres are dedicated to the creation of hemp. This number represents a massive growth compared to the 8,000 acres devoted to hemp production back in 2011. 

By 2023, at its current growth rate, it is projected that Europe’s cannabis market value will reach $1.7 billion. 

High Time To Be In The CBD Business

Because of the booming market of CBD, plenty of businesses are venturing into the field. However, because of legality-related issues, most companies find it challenging to find a reliable and high-quality supplier of hemp-related extracts. 

The key to solving this problem is to find a supplier that is situated in a country where it’s perfectly legal to extract CBD and sell hemp-extracted products. Take https://www.essentiapura.com for example. 

The company has a facility that’s situated in western Slovenia. The extraction and production of hemp-related products are entirely legal in the country. Furthermore, the company’s facility and hemp production are located in the agricultural region of Vipava Valley. The unique interaction between the alpine and Mediterranean climate allows the valley to produce a unique and high-quality hemp-related product. 

At the moment, Essentia Pura is offering hemp extraction services, CBD wholesale, and white label and high-quality hemp analytics. 

Wrapping It All Up

While it is true that CBD and Cannabis are not exactly the same, most European countries still do not make a separation between the two. Thus, the legality of CBD falls under the legality of cannabis. Having said that, you’d be pleased to know that Slovakia is the only country in Europe that criminalizes CBD and cannabis. In Italy, CBD’s are still in the gray area due to the fluctuating laws. 

For other parts of Europe, using CBD products is legal. Nevertheless, check your local laws and regulation to ensure that you don’t get into trouble with the law.