We know that there is nothing worse than receiving a notification or email from the office about mandatory urine testing after the weekend party. It is a concern for most of the people who are working as an employee in any reputed firm or company. Anyways, there are plenty of solutions for these kinds of dreading moments. Rather than panic, you should be calm and give a proper response to the email for booking your urine testing slot. It is because of the thing like Urinator exists.

The more confident you will come across the test, the better it will look. However, finding the right amount of confidence while delivering a fake urine sample isn’t as simple as it seems. Therefore, you should keep yourself away from the countless fake products which are available in the market. Fortunately, the Urinator urine testing kit exists. Let’s check out the complete details about this device that how it will work to cover your weekend problems.

How does the urinator device work?

Whenever we are using synthetic urine to pass the drug tests, one of the main concerns (aside from being free from the toxins particles) is the temperature of synthetic urine.

That is where Urinator works & helps the most. It comes with an electronically controlled heater which is powered by 9-volt Duracell batteries. Therefore, this device can help in warming the synthetic urine sample for more than four continuous hours.

This device also includes toxin-free concentrated artificial pee substitutes.

Therefore, It will provide you a toxin-free urine sample which is enough and allows you to pass your drug test.

Now the question is? Is it really work?

Does Urinator really work?

One of the most important questions that people usually ask before purchasing any product, item or anything over the internet, market or anywhere.

It is for sure that we don’t want to spend money on crap products that do not work in actual.

If I tell you from the people’s experience, then it is not guaranteed that urinator synthetic urine delivery device will work every time to save you from the urine drug testing. We know that we have mentioned it earlier that urinator urine testing kit can help in warming the temperature but it is not necessary that the particular temperature could be enough to pass the drug tests sometime.

However, on the other side and to be clear. This product/device can be used multiple times and according to the people’s experiences, Urinator has a higher passing rate compared to any other device. That is why most of the reviews are in favor of this product.

How much is the cost and where to purchase?

We agree with the part that the cost of this device is higher than any other device. However, the cost is nothing when we compared it as a decent solution for urine drug testing needs.

Reason? This device can be used multiple times and It could be a good purchase if there are semi-frequent drug tests. Therefore, In the long run, it can save you a lot of bucks.

Although, as we mentioned earlier that we do not recommend using this device continuously. It is because using this device continuously can apparently degrade the quality of synthetic urine and it could result in failing your urine drug tests.

You can maximum use this product for two or three times for perfect results.

The cost of this device is around $150. It also includes the synthetic urine sample. Therefore, you do not need to spend on it separately. Usually, the cost of fake pee is near about 30$ USD. Therefore, if you are planning to use this device even in the future then I am sure that you going to save a lot of bucks.

This device is available to purchase from third-party sellers over the internet. You can also find this device at the local shops near you. 

Final words.

Spending 150$ USD on Urinator could be worth. If you are planning to use this device multiple times and frequently for passing a drug test using the fake urine sample. As I mentioned earlier that most of the reviews are positive for this device. However, to be an instance, there might be a possibility that after a few uses this device will stop working or stop providing the correct temperature to the fake pee. It could even result in failing the drug test.