You can boost your complexion and correct your skin tone using the Intense Light Therapy. The procedure allows you to get bright and healthy skin within a short time. Peach Medical Group provides medically supervised and FDA-approved Intense Pulsed Light in Tucson at affordable prices. This article answers most questions that you may have concerning the use of Intense Pulse Light to remedy skin blemishes like acne, dark spots, or discoloration.

How Is Intense Pulse Light Therapy Conducted?

The professionals at Peach Medical Group use Optima IPL Photo-rejuvenation to make the skin have a brighter glow and higher quality. The method is a clinically proven laser procedure that targets and reduces the damage caused on the skin by exposure to sunlight. The process aids the body by stimulating the natural production of high amounts of elastic fiber and collagen.

How Optima IPL Photo-rejuvenation Works

Exposing the body to Optima IPL Photo-rejuvenation helps the skin to get rid of vascular and pigmentation imperfections to improve its quality. The technicians at Peach use patented technology to customize treatment for every single patient. The customization is done based on the type of your skin and desired results. The technicians use light pulses to target specific areas a few inches under the skin.

The technician guides light pulses to penetrate the tissues and create heat while targeting blemishes in a controlled procedure. The body uses natural processes to remove treated tissues and getting rid of dead cells. The treatment stimulates the production of elastic fibers and collagen to improve the quality of the skin.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Optima IPL Photo-rejuvenation requires approximately two to seven sessions, which can run for two-four weeks. The time taken to achieve optimal results depends on your skin condition and personal goals. You can visit continuously after to maintain the perfect skin tone.

What to Expect During the Visit?

Peach medical group values the optimal satisfaction of all visiting clients. The treatment begins with the application of a cold coupling gel around the treatment area. The session runs for forty-five to sixty minutes, depending on the quality of your skin and your specific requirements.

You might experience slight discomfort caused by a warm sensation as the light interacts with your skin. After the treatment is completed, you shall not experience any downtime, allowing you to resume activities of the day immediately after. You might also get slight redness that fades after a few hours. You will receive skincare tips that are essential for your recovery.

Benefits of Intense Pulse Light Therapy

  •         The treatment is fast, slightly painless, and result-oriented.
  •         The procedure allows you to maintain a younger skin for many years.
  •         You can see the progress of the treatment process after each medically supervised session.
  •         The procedure produces no downtime, making it effective for any time of the day.

Disadvantages of Intense Pulse Light Therapy

  •         You may need to avoid direct contact with the sun rays for faster recovery.
  •         The treated areas can exhibit some redness or give a tingling sensation.

If you want to have smoother skin, you should visit or call Peach Medical Group to book an appointment for a safe treatment procedure.