Whenever you flash a smile, you’ll always want to have the best and most perfect-looking pearly whites. You’ll see this everywhere from ordinary people to supermodels and celebrities. While some are blessed enough to be born with a beautiful set of teeth, unfortunately, this isn’t a reality for many. Work still has to be done to enhance this aesthetic factor. For this problem, teeth whitening is the best solution.

While home teeth whitening kits are already widely available and very popular, it’s still a better choice to have your teeth whitened professionally by a dentist. Read through below to learn why:

  1. You’re Assured Of Effectivity And Safety

When you compare the price of a home whitening kit to having a dentist do it for you, the price difference is evident. It’s naturally cheaper to buy a kit, but you may not be saving yourself money. Home whitening kits can turn out to be more costly simply because you’re not guaranteed with its safety and effectiveness. Perhaps this can be a defect in the kit itself, or because you applied it wrong.

If you’re dead-set on having your teeth whitened, it’s better to leave it in the hands of the experts instead. These professionals from Your Syracuse Family Dentist know how to do it correctly and safely also. So you walk out the dentist’s clinic a few hundred bucks poorer, but still richer with the assurance that you’ll achieve the desired results for your teeth.

  1. You’ll Enjoy Immediate Results

There are home whitening kits that are also just as effective, but you may have to apply these more frequently for you to achieve results. When you have a professional teeth whitening service done, the frequency of your sessions is also going to be lesser. In most cases, you’re even guaranteed immediate results after the very first session.

This advantage works the best for those of you who are very desperate to have that immediate positive change in how your teeth look. Do you have a big occasion coming up? Are you going to a job interview for a job that requires a perfect set of teeth, such as in the airline industry? Go ahead and have your teeth whitened from a professional in Syracuse.

  1. You’ll Enjoy An Instant Boost Of Confidence

Because of the immediate and instant results that you’ll get, you’ll also get to enjoy an instant boost of confidence. You won’t have to wait anxiously for many more sessions as you would with home whitening kits before you can finally say that all your efforts and expenses are worth it. When your self-esteem has long taken a hit because your teeth are less than perfect, an immediate boost in your confidence is something that you’ll truly need. Especially if you’ve got a big day coming up in your personal or professional life, this added boost of confidence can work wonders for how you perceive yourself to be.

  1. You’ll Get To Enjoy Long-Term Whitening

There’s no permanent solution to teeth whitening. If you’ve done it using DIY kits at home, one way or another, you’ll still have to undergo the same procedure in the future to maintain it. But with professional teeth whitening, you’ll get to enjoy longer-lasting results. This means that you won’t have to retouch again as soon as you might have to if you have chosen the home kit option instead.

Each treatment, when done professionally, is meant to match your mouth’s personal needs. This includes your diet, the current condition of your teeth, and the shape and size of your mouth and teeth. Plus, the dentists will also give you care instructions to improve your oral hygiene so that the results will last longer. Because of this more personalized approach, you’re guaranteed that the whitening procedure done on you is parallel to your teeth’s needs. 

  1. You’re At A Lower Risk For Dental Sensitivity

When you choose to go for a DIY home kit, chances are, you’re not certain also what the package contains. While these are also generally safe, you may have adverse reactions or allergies to certain chemicals or compounds that it contains. Should this happen, you might still need to go back to your dentist to solve the problem.

With professional teeth whitening services, you’re putting yourself at a lower risk for dental sensitivity. This is because dental professionals will give you an overall check to ensure that you won’t have adverse reactions to the products that’ll be placed on your teeth.


Now, you probably are more convinced that you should go ahead and have professional teeth whitening done. All that’s left for you to do is head out to your trusted dentist. Then, you’ll find yourself flashing your smile even more than usual. If you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look, give yourself a break. You don’t have to sulk forever and be conscious that your pearly whites aren’t that white.