If you’re on the lookout for eyewear in Sydney, you’re in the right place! This capital city of New South Wales Territory is one of the greatest shopping hubs in the world, so you are spoiled for choice. You can easily find the best optometrist in Sydney so you can enjoy the panoramic vistas with clear eyesight. After all, this town is home to the iconic Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House so you will want to take a close look to see its beautiful details.

If you’re wondering why some eyeglasses look great in the display case of an optical shop, but not-so-spectacular when you try them on, the problem is not the frame. It could be that you are wearing the wrong style for the shape of your face. Your facial features have a significant impact on whether a specific style of eyeglasses will look good on you. Consider the following tips below to help you find the best eyewear for your face shape. There are seven primary shape types to dress up.

The Oval

They say that the oval shape is the ideal one because it is perfectly balanced. To maintain the symmetry of this perfect shape, you must search for frames that are as wider or even wider than the broadest area of your face. Frames that have a walnut shape are a great choice. Lounge around Bondi Beach confidently with the best specs!

The Heart

As the name implies, your shape is reminiscent of an iconic heart. You have a light V of hair in the middle of your head. The top-third of your face is broader, while the bottom is a lot more narrow. The goal of your frames is a reduction in the fullest part to create a better balance. You must pick a frame with a wider bottom to get that done. Light-coloured frames that are thin or frames with no rims will complement your heart-shape the most.

The Oblong

An oblong is long and wide, which means you also have a straight line running on your cheek. The objective is to make your face seem shorter. To achieve this look, go for deeper frames with more depth than width. Select styles with decorative ornamentation around the temples to draw the eyes there. Contrasting elements also add width to the face. You can happily meet friends in Darling Harbour with these on the crook of your nose.

The Square

The most striking feature of a square face is its strong jaw and broad forehead. Moreover, the length and width of the face have the same proportions, just like a real square. You aim to make your face look longer. Pick narrow frame styles to soften your face angles. Your frames should have a greater width than depth. Narrow oval frames will also look great on you.

The Diamond

A diamond has a narrow forehead and jawline. Prominently high cheekbones characterize this face shape. This is an unusual face shape, and your goal is to highlight your eyes and soften your cheekbones. When you are checking out frames with the best optometrist in Sydney, pick those that have distinct details in the eyebrow areas. Try rimless, oval, or cat-eye shapes.

The Round

Curved lines with no angles are the most noticeable elements in a round face. Your objective is to make your face appear thinner and longer. For best results, try angular and narrow eyeglasses as these make your face appear longer. Opt for frames with a transparent bridge or those that have a rectangular shape.

The Triangle

If you are gifted with a base-down triangle face shape, it means that your face is very narrow at the top and goes wider towards the cheek and chin. You must add width to bring focus to your narrow upper forehead. Go for frames that have heavy accents. Try coloured frames with elaborate details. A cat-eye frame is a perfect example.

Final Word

When you are looking for your frames in Sydney, don’t be afraid to shop around in the different suburbs. From Bondi Junction to Double Bay, many optical shops hold a variety of styles. You will have to use your eyeglasses every day, so you must pick a comfortable and functional design that brings out the best in you.