There is a vast difference between cleaning and sanitizing your home environment. Sanitizing your home is the process of reducing the number of harmful living organisms present. While cleaning involves removing dirt and debris by physical or chemical means. It is not confident that sanitizing your home will completely eliminate the harmful organism, but it will get them down to a safe level. Cleaning and sanitizing your home environment is essential for the overall quality of health and life.

Here are 5 Ultimate Ways To Sanitize Your Home:

  • Keep your cleaning tools prepared:

Before you start the disinfection process, try to come up with a sound cleaning strategy that will help you target the bacterial prone areas or corners around the house in advance .So first step to cleaning and sanitizing your home is by keeping your cleaning tools ready. It is advised to wear a surgical mask or any face mask to prevent yourself from the germs from entering the mouth and nose. Put on a disposable glove to be on a safer side as bacteria can transfer through hands. Make sure to keep the windows open for proper ventilation.

  • Keep the sanitizer ready:

You can prepare a homemade disinfectant from the ingredients available in your kitchen. There are also many good sanitizers available in the market that is both effective and safe, or you can quickly get them online. Online websites like offers some of the best home sanitizing solutions. 

  • Clean the surfaces:

Cleaning is essential before sanitizing the environment because cleaning physically removes dirt, debris, and most germs from the surfaces. Start cleaning the surface of the entire house with water and a piece of cloth. Mob the floor from one end to another. This step itself can kill 90% of the microbes breeding on the surface. To ensure that germs are not hidden, thoroughly clean all the surfaces before the disinfection is applied. Also, clean any sticky areas with soap and water.

  • Sanitize:

After cleaning the surfaces thoroughly, removing dirt, debris, and dust off the surface, it is time to sanitize your home. Make sure to wipe and disinfect all the frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, toilet areas, tables, handles, etc. Studies have found that the kitchen sink contains more bacteria than a garbage can or toilet. So make sure to clean and disinfect the kitchen sink properly. Cleaning and sanitizing help to reduce mosquitoes, flys, bugs, and maggots near your home, creating a healthier environment. You can pump the sanitizer into a piece of cloth, or spray it o the surfaces then wiping it, or mix the disinfectant with water .

  • Allow the surface to dry:

It is crucial to allow the surface to dry as a warm environment and humidity are the two most leading factors for the germs or bacteria.Bacterias thrive upon moist or wet surfaces. Switch on the fan or the room heater to allow the room to dry faster. Bacterial microorganisms need water to reproduce. So unless the rooms are allowed to dry properly after disinfectant is applied, the sanitizing process will not succeed. Best is to clean the house in the daylight as sunlight act as a natural deodorizer.

  • Personal Hygiene:

Before you clean up yourself, make sure all the targeted areas have been disinfected. After you are done with the sanitizing process, make sure to shower and change your clothes. Do not touch your face before washing your hands. Washing your hands often with soap and water is advisable as bacteria can transfer through hands.Especially on returning home from the office or anywhere out, make sure first to wash off your hands. Open the windows and allow for proper ventilation. . Maintaining good hygiene at home can prevent you from infectious flu, which is very common


Maintaining a clean environment can boost your mental and physical well being. The environment we live in is encumbered with disease-causing organisms. It is vital to sanitize your home environment because the bacteria breeding at your home can spread throughout the house and spread infections and illness to the people around them.A clean environment can help to relax and reduce stress levels. Practice sanitizing your home at least once a week.