While making injecting botox is among the best and most popular ways of making your face look a lot smoother, there’s a lot of preparation to do beforehand. Practitioners such as Mountain West Medical Services suggest that you get yourself in the mood and prepare your body in a variety of ways.

This will help make the process much easier while also allowing you to enjoy it more since you’ll be more confident that you’ve done everything you can to calm your nerves and enjoy a more pleasant experience.

Ask About Your Medications

Some medications affect you very differently when you’ve had botox injected. Likewise, they might also prevent you from getting the exact results you’re looking for. If you’re on any medications, talk to your doctor about them first, and find out if and how they might affect the procedure and its outcomes.

Limit Bruising

The botox procedure goes hand in hand, but the good news is that that’s only for the short term, and it subsides rather quickly. Still, there are a couple of things you can do to limit the amount of bruising you experience.

If you smoke, you’ll have to fight the urge to pick up a cigarette in the few days leading up to your botox injection. This will limit the amount of bruising you’ll see significantly.

Your doctor can also advise on what creams you can apply to your skin for even less bruising. When asking, pay attention to their instructions on how to apply it as well, since that’s also a big part of getting them to work their best.

Ice works well too and placing an ice pack on your face before your appointment limits the amount swelling. This, in turn, keeps the bruising to a minimum as well.


If you’re starting to feel some nerves, going for a jog or a power walk or any other type of cardio is a good way to calm yourself down. Once you’ve got your blood pumping, you’ll feel much readier to go through your injections and start experiencing the benefits of smoother skin and a refreshed visage.

Though you can exercise before the appointment, avoid doing so after it. Any form of exercise at least five hours after the appointment will causing an increase in swelling, which will lead to more bruising and pain.

Wash Your Skin

Having clean skin is a must when you’re getting a botox injection. Grease or oil on your skin can lead to an acne outbreak down the line, making it even more important to make sure your skin is clean and clear.

Your doctor will give your face a thorough wash with antiseptic right before the procedure, but you’re better off making sure all bases are covered by going in with clean skin.

A botox injection can do wonders for how you look and feel, but there’s more to it than walking in and getting the procedures done. Do the things above and you’ll have your pre-botox preparation fully covered.