Brain drugs – also known as nootropics and smart drugs – are compounds that work on your brain and boost its performance.

When you get a prescription kind of nootropic, you will have some stimulating effects since they are mostly created to help people with ADHD, ADD, narcolepsy and other brain-related diseases. There are also elements that can boost your brain performance like coffee or creating which are also nootropics. They don’t treat anything but they can help you think clearly.  See this page for more information.

If you like the idea of having more focus and brainpower, you should take a look at this guide.


These nootropics are usually taken by people who have ADD, ADHD, dementia and so on. It’s used for a medical condition and it usually has a stimulant that can help treat these diseases. This means that you can’t obtain it unless you have one of the conditions that warrant a prescription nootropic.

These include drugs like Adderall, which is probably the most famous one since many children use it. Then there’s Provigil, Axura, Ritalin and so on. Each of these treats a separate disease. For instance, Adderall is best for ADHD. They are extremely effective in treating the conditions they are meant for, but you should get a firm diagnosis before you start using any of them.

There are many risks and side effects of taking a prescription nootropic. Especially so if you are already taking some sort of medication. You should only take these if a doctor says that you can.

Here are some of the most common side effects.

  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Inability to sleep or sleeping poorly
  • Poor vision
  • They can be addictive

There’s also evidence that people who take a nootropic as a way to boost their brainpower also engage themselves in riskier behaviors, which definitely not good. Of course, medical researchers and healthcare professionals are constantly doing studies that can help them figure out how to offer a better experience with these drugs without side effects. See more here.

OTC nootropics

These drugs also come in the form of supplements that you can buy without a prescription and use them to boost your brain performance. People can buy OTC nootropics online or in health supplement brick-and-mortar stores.

OTC nootropics are dietary supplements that can help improve memory, creativity, attention, and focus. They’re usually made of naturally sourced nootropics, such as those found in tea, cocoa, coffee, guarana, Ginkgo biloba, American ginseng, and kola nuts. Some nootropics supplements have synthetic ingredients.

Taking nootropics supplements is suitable for those who always experience brain fatigue, stress, burnout, and other related conditions. Moreover, nootropics supplementation is known to help promote long-term brain health. One good example of an OTC nootropics supplement is Vyvamind.

Aside from supplements, you can also incorporate natural nootropics into your diet through beverages. For one, there’s caffeine which is in our everyday life, whether in coffee, tea or any other element. It has a stimulative effect and it’s safe for most people to drink, as long as it’s taken in moderate amounts. A cup of coffee or strong tea every morning and afternoon can help you stay focused for longer and more alert.

Of course, keep in mind that too much coffee can be damaging and cause you to be jittery and anxious. It can heighten your blood pressure and heart rate as well as cause irritability. People should take around 4 to 5 cups a day and no more. Pregnant women should limit their caffeine as well as people who already have high blood pressure.


This element is found in green tea and black tea. There are also supplements. This compound has the power to increase alpha waves in your brain which means that it can create a better mental state for you, more relaxed and alert. It works pretty well with caffeine and it can boost your productivity and performance. There are no dosages for this substance, so you can pretty much take them as you need or want it. Of course, it’s best to consult with your doctor.


These fatty acids have an incredible effect on the brain, especially when it comes to aging. They are well-known in the medical world as brainpower boosters, as they have been researched and studied extensively. You can find them in fatty fish like salmon and supplements made with fish oil. It’s important to get this from your diet anyway, whether you want to boost your focus or not. They will help you build membranes around your cells and it helps with brain cell renewal. All of this is crucial in keeping your brain healthy and sharp despite the aging process. There is also a low risk of side effects which means that they could do you a lot of good with barely any chances of causing you harm. Just make sure that they don’t interact with your other drugs.


Racetams represent elements that are synthetically made and they can have an effect on your neurotransmitters. Some of the racetams that you have probably heard of are piracetam, pramiracetam, and so on. A study on them found that they can possibly protect your brain. Of course, there’s a need for more research on the benefits of this compound, but so far, scientists are optimistic. They don’t have a specific dosage but you should follow the instructions given on the product that you want to use.

Tips When Taking Brain Enhancers

Brain enhancers are generally safe as long as you follow your doctor’s prescription and take the supplement as recommended. This step ensures that the brain enhancer won’t negatively affect the potency of your other medications or your overall health because of a too high or incorrect dose.

To take advantage of this supplement, consume them a few hours before starting the day or doing a challenging task.

Some of the common side effects of prescription brain enhancers include a fast heart rate, blurry vision, insomnia, and high blood pressure. So, to minimize these side effects, take brain enhancers under the supervision of your doctor.


Brain enhancers are usually made of natural or synthetic stimulants. They can improve a person’s cognitive skills, including memory, focus, and attention. But before taking any brain enhancers, read the ingredients and dosage instructions as a precaution.