Despite their age and bodily restrictions, senior members of a household should never be neglected when it comes to fun times and parties. No matter what the celebration is, there are varied games and fun activities that the elderly can join. Luckily for you, this article will tackle some of the most versatile and the most fun games you can have for the senior members in the house. 

Jigsaw Puzzles

Who says you can’t have fun with a jigsaw puzzle? This mentally-stimulating puzzle can let your granddad or grandmom have tons of fun, especially when enjoyed with the children or other senior members as well. Plus, it improves the mind’s ability to remember and be creative. What’s even better is that seniors don’t have to be stuck with a jigsaw puzzle that they can’t complete in one sitting. They can rest for a while by reading a book, then going for another round. To make a jigsaw puzzle more exciting, you can opt for a customized one with family pictures or cherished memories. 


You can help assemble a Jenga tower to have the elders enjoy dismantling it later. You can also let a senior member read the assembly instructions and signal the start when the Jenga tower is up. The goal of the game is to be the last player to remove the remaining pieces of the tower without breaking it. Talk about a challenge for the senior members of the house! Aside from providing lots of fun to all members of the house, it improves an elderly person’s motor dexterity, non-verbal reasoning, and use of physical abilities. 

Riddle, riddle, ree

The classics never truly run out of style. With a game of riddle, riddle ree, everyone in the household can play and have fun. This game is as simple as finding an object of interest in the surroundings, making a riddle out of it, and letting everyone guess it correctly. The first one who has done so wins the round and will be the next one to make the riddle. 

Round of Wii games

With the help of a tech-savvy grandchild, connect a Wii in your home and let your granddad smash a game of Mario. They can also play virtual tennis and other sports, depending on the availability of games in your home. A child or an older person can team up with a senior member for a techy kind of excitement

Bingo, bingo, bingo

This activity is perfect when a senior member’s friends are coming over for a cup of coffee and just hanging out to pass the time. Almost all senior people in the world know how to play bingo — heck, most people have played bingo at one time or another. 

Karaoke nights

If you’re a household that thrives on musical genius, you have to get those microphones ready for a fun time of singing along to the classic tunes of yesterday and more. There is no doubt that an older member of the family appreciates singing, humming and laughter in your home once in a while. However, better ask for their permission if they’re up to it since they need to rest in a timely manner. 

Round of bowling at a local center

These are suitable for occasions like birthdays, recovery and even on Friday nights when everyone’s home! When an older member of the house can still groove it in the bowling alley, bring them with the fam and assist them when needed. This will make them feel like they’re living through their golden years with excitement. 

Love and care are extended to our senior family members all the time. It is during their golden days that they need utmost attention and extreme understanding as their bodies aren’t as agile as they used to be. If you need help with caring for a loved one, you can always rely on loving institutions like Husky Senior Care to provide the aid you and your senior loved one need.