Online gambling is the new age casino, offering games like Blackjack to Slot machines. They compete with the land-based casinos, and before you know it, you are spending an enormous amount of time in online gambling. The fact that you don’t need to drive to a casino and can instead open your phone or laptop, makes this type of gambling widely accessible even in a place where land-based casinos are not legalized. This easy access can thus, lead to problem gambling. However, following the right route and adopting the appropriate measures can help you get the issue under control and restore you to a healthy lifestyle.

Problem identification:

The foremost step is to identify and understand that you have a problem. Understand the paradigms of your habits and their depth. Online gambling or for that matter any game, releases the dopamine and activates our reward system, hence nudging us more towards it. This activity is further facilitated by regular notifications and updates by the casino apps. Response to such notifications is natural once you get addicted, and before you know it, you are on it. Understanding a problem is the first step in solving it.


Reach out to your friends and family or the people you could trust and tell them your problem. Unlike drugs, gambling doesn’t have physical signs, but its psychological effect on your psyche cannot be ignored. Reaching out to friends and family can help you deal with the problem and provide you with all the moral support you need.

Reach out to a professional:

Consult a professional and discuss your problem. Various psychologists deal with such patients daily, and they are quite good at what they do. To assess your problem, they will need every detail about it since its origin. Just relax and let them understand you completely. You can also meet other people who have successfully come out of the problem, and they surely will have tips for you.

Restrict your gambling activities:

Keep track of your time and trim the time you spend online. You must look through the reference for Texas Gambling to understand how you could restrain your gambling habits. You need to make a mark of your money and time you spend in playing the games. Every addiction can be brought under control. If you used to spend five hours previously, try trimming it down as much as possible. This will train your brain into accepting new structures and help you with the addiction. Try to cut your time limit every time you play and also mark the time when you log in. Don’t exceed.


If you have a contact you can trust, relinquish your extra money to them and keep a bare minimum. If there is no money, you won’t be spending on gambling. Though, you need to make a budget about your spending, increase the amount you spend on a home and periodically decrease the amount and time you spend on online gambling until it’s finally over.


You need to maintain a balance in your life. If you’re trying to cut your gambling time and money, you must maintain a balance in your life. Dedicate your time to other activities of the house. If you have a pet or a garden or have friends coming over, start cooking or try to learn a skill, watch a movie but maintain such a balance that no habits are over exceeding.


Don’t overlook your progress. See if you have followed the schedule over time and if there is an improvement. You can start from how much money you spent on gambling compared to the earlier times. It would assist you in understanding your situation.

Keep busy:

After quitting a habit, it’s normal to get the urge to repeat it. You can restrict your access to gambling, but you need to work on your urge. Keep busy with your friends or hit the gym, learn a new skill and find new ways of making the best use of your time.


Online gambling addictions can affect your overall life. With the extensive usage of the technology, the gambling industry has brought casino under our fingertips. As long as it’s safe and limited to a period, gambling is a fun activity. However, when any habit exceeds, it becomes a burden, but every addiction can be abated with proper planning, understanding and a little dedication. The brain has all of the answers.